Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March 2017 Challenge Update

Hello April :) 

March's 30 day challenge was to have a No Spend Month.  How did we do?  We started out strong.  We stayed at home on the weekends and had a blast.  You can read all about our No Spend Monthly Adventures here, here and here.

Staying home resulted in a smaller gas budget- YAY :)  We usually budget $150 a month for gas and only spent $65 :)

We stayed within our $200 grocery budget and used what we had in the pantry and freezer.  We still have food in the pantry and freezer to eat :)  We did a fantastic job not eating out.  There were days we were tired and didn't feel like cooking.  Eating out is so easy but thanks to left overs and easy meals, we didn't give ourselves that option.

I would love to say that our No Spend Month was a success and that we used a large chunk of money to pay down our credit card debt.  But you know me :)  All of our No Spend Month's have ended with snafus :(  Including this month.

Our septic decided that it needed such immediate attention that 1 company couldn't fix it.  We had to end up going through 2 companies to fix it :(  Ugggg.  I was imagining the final bills having many 0's.  Thankfully it wasn't that bad.

We are happy that our septic system is running beautifully and that since we were having a no spend month that we were able to pay those plumbing bills without having to touch our emergency fund.  We were also told that our septic should be good for the next 4-6 years :)

What I have taken away from this No Spend Month is that we don't always have to have something going on.  We can stay at home and still have so much fun:)

I can't wait to see how April's 30 Day Challenge will go :)

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