Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Come Along with Me............

As I take you with us camping :)

We love camping.  We love the wide open space, the fresh air and I love being disconnected from our electronics.  Getting out in nature is awesome.  Unless that slithery nature ends up slithering past my tent :(

For this trip, we decided to visit Koreshan State Historic Site.  They have been closed for some time due to construction.  We were excited to see that they had reopened.

The trails were awesome and followed the river which was beautiful.  The trails take you directly to the Historical Settlement.  The settlement has an interesting history that I found quite fascinating.
Our Spot

Our "home" for 2 nights :)
Gorgeous view from the hiking trail

Bamboo forest

View from hiking trail

Neat cool looking bridge

Turtle :)  We even saw a cute little baby turtle.

The original owners of the land that is now the state park.  This was their house.

Michael reading about the old and new store

The store

The founders house

The art/performance building

The Planetary Court Building

Sausage Tree

The Bakery

Really neat demo of the sawmill

Hiking Trail on the way back to the campsite

First time in a canoe

Nathan kept rocking the boat when he was rowing and little Michael was holding on for dear life

Peaceful view from the canoe

Another view from the canoe
We had a blast and learned a lot of history about Koreshan, the people who lived there and their self sustaining community.  If you want to read more about the history of the Koreshan Park, click here for a little bio.

The boys are asking when we can schedule our next camping trip :)

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