Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Our Shopping Day~ 04/08/2017

Hubby and I needed to have a little chat about our grocery budget.  Since we revised it, we were staying with in budget :)  Everything was going great.  The problem was that for the last couple of months the last week of the month was pushed to the first of the next month.

So we decided to increase our grocery budget by $50 and shop for 3 weeks (the remaining of this month) and to increase our personal need spending by $5.  This should help keep the monthly purchases within that month.  At least until the next 5 week month :)

We have been enjoying shopping every 2 weeks instead of weekly.  It has really helped tame our grocery budget and hubby really doesn't enjoy going shopping.  So this is a win win for him :)

Here are our shopping details for this week:

$2.94- Kale Mix
$2.96- Quinoa
$5.90- Total

Save A Lot
$3.00- Cucumbers X6
$5.68- Grapes
$8.68- Total

Winn Dixie
$8.98- Apples X4

$4.92- Eggs X5
$2.19- Creamer
$5.97- Almond Milk X3
$1.89- Heavy Whipping Cream
$4.78- Oats X2
$0.99- Pasta Sauce
$1.39- Flour
$1.95- Greek Yogurt X3
$3.87- Grape Tomatoes X3
$6.87- Blueberries X3
$1.69- Ricotta Cheese
$0.85- Cream Cheese
$2.98- Chocolate Chips
$2.94- Chicken Noodle Soup X6
$1.29- Rice
$2.38- Tortilla Chips X2
$5.37- Jalapeno Chips X3
$6.87- Strawberries X3
$6.38- Green Apples X2
$1.29- Mushrooms
$0.89- Marshmallows
$2.58- Pretzels X2
$2.69- Lemons
$1.49- Ketchup
$3.40- Bread X4
$1.99- Asparagus
$4.77- Bagels
$1.79- Zucchini
$0.75- Crackers
$88.20- Total

$6.00- Ziploc Bags X2
-3.00 RR
$3.36- Total and got $1 RR

$1.99- Purex
-1.00 RR
$1.11- Total

$5.99- Arm & Hammer Spinbrush
-5.00 ECB from CVS Survey
$1.05- Total and got $3 ECB

$5.99- Arm & Hammer Spinbrush
$1.00- Orbit gum
-4.00 ECB
$3.41- Total and got $4 ECB

This trip will be included in our April Monthly Spending Post.  Our April Monthly Spending Post will be where we document all we spend over the course of the month.

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