Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Please take a minute and.....

I know that I am supposed to be signed off until our return in January 2011 but I couldn't help it- I felt the Lord pulling at me to share this with you. 

We would like to ask everyone to take a minute and watch the trailer for an amazing Christian movie called Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger.  After watching the trailer, we ask that you pray on it and see if the Lord directs you to make a pledge to help support putting the finishing touches on this movie.  Sorry for the short notice as pledges have to be made before January 2nd- I wanted to send an email out before now but got busy with the holidays and traveling. 
Jimmy Valiant teaser Trailer
Jimmy Valiant Full Length Trailer
After watching the above trailers, we ask that you pray and see if the Lord puts into your heart to financially support this movie and be able to turn it into an awesome Christian TV mini series. 
We also ask that you pass this along to others you feel may be interested in backing an amazing Christian movie and to help make this goal possible.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your family,
Theresa :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas:)

We would like to wish everyone a very blessed and Merry Christmas.  For those who are traveling, may you reach your destination safe and sound.

On Monday, I will be signing off from blogging until the New Year as we will be celebrating Christmas with my inlaws.  We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve and Day:)

Friday, December 24, 2010

CVS Deals of the week of 12/26/10

Tide laundry detergent- $5.97 and get $1 ECB
$1 cpn- 11/28 P&G
$1 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Pantene- $6.97/2 and get $2 ECB
$1/2 cpn- 11/28 P&G
Buy Pantene and get free Pantene shampoo- 11/28 P&G
$3/2 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Crest Prohealth, Extra Whitening or Whitening with Scope- $5.50/2 and get $1 ECB- Limit 2
$0.75 cpn- 11/28 P&G
$0.75 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Prilosec OTC- $24.99 and get $7 ECB- Limit 2
$3 cpn- 11/28 P&G
$3 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Charmin- $4.99 and get $1ECB
$1 Charmin Basic- 11/28 P&G
$0.25 Charmin- 11/28 P&G
$0.25 Charmin- 12/26 P&G

Bounty- $6.99 and get $1 ECB
$0.25 cpn- 11/28 P&G
$0.25 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Dawn- $0.94- Limit 6
$0.25 cpn- 11/28 P&G

Clariol Nice N Easy Root Touch Up or GraySolution- $5.99 and get $1 ECB
$2 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Secret- $5/2 and get $1 ECB
$0.50 cpn- 11/28 P&G
$0.50 cpn- 12/26 P&G

All Covergirl Mascara or Smoky Shadowblast- $6.99 and get $2 ECB
$1 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Always pads or liners- $6/2 and get 2 ECB
$1 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Metamucil- $9.99 and get 2 ECB- Limit 2
$2 cpn- 11/28 P&G
$2 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Align- $28.99 and get $4 ECB- Limit 2
$3 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Always Infinity or Tampax Pearl- $6.99
$1 Always Infinity cpn- 12/26 P&G
$2 Tampax Pearl cpn- 12/26 P&G

Aussie or Herbal Essence- $2.99
$1 cpn- 11/28 P&G
B1G1Free cpn- 12/26 P&G

Pantene or Head & Shoulders- $4.99
Buy Pantene get Pantene Shampoo free cpn- 11/28 P&G
$1/2 Pantene cpn- 11/28 P&G
$3/2 Pantene cpn- 12/26 P&G
$2/2 Head & Shoulders cpn- 12/26 P&G

Gillette Fusion ProGlide- $9.99 and get $4 ECB
$4 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Pampers or Easy Ups Jumbo- $8.99 and get $1 ECB
$1 cpn- 11/28 P&G
$1.50 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Dayquil or Nyquil- $8.99 and get $2 ECB
$1.50 cpn- 11/28 P&G
$1 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Downy or Bounce- $5.97 and get $1 ECB
$0.50 Downy cpn- 11/28 P&G
$0.50 Bounce cpn- 11/28 P&G
$0.50 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Oral B Professional care recharge toothbrush- $69.99 and get $20 ECB- Limit 2
$10 Oral B Vitality or other rechargeable toothbrush- 11/14 RP

Crest 3D White Professional Effects or 2hr Express- $54.99 and get $10 ECB
$7 cpn- 12/12 RP
$5 cpn- 12/28 P&G

Bounce dryer bar, Tide Stain Release or Booster Pack- $3.99
$1 Bounce dryer bar cpn- 11/28 P&G.
$1 Tide Stain Release cpn- 11/28 P&G

Cascade- $5.99
$0.25 cpn- 11/28 P&G
$0.25 cpn- 12/26 P&G

B1G 50% off Oral B toothbrush
$0.75 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Scope or Fixodent- $3.99
$2 Scope cpn- 11/7 RP
$0.75 Scope cpn- 11/28 P&G
$0.75 Scope cpn- 12/26 P&G
$0.50 Fixodent cpn- 11/28 P&G

Olay Total- $8.99
$3 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Olay Regenerist- $22.99
$3 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Olay Total Effects or Regenerist- $17.99

Olay daily facials, cleanser or gentle wash- $5.49
$1 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Olay bodywash- $6.79 and get $2 ECB
Buy Olay bodywash get free Olay Lotion cpn- 11/28 P&G
$2 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Olay wet cloths, cleanser or scrub- $5.99
$1 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Spend $15 worth of Covergirl LipPerfection, NatureLuxe foundation or gloss balm and get $5 ECB
$1 cpn- 11/28 P&G
$2/2 cpn- 11/28 P&G
$1 cpn- 12/26 P&G

B1G 50% off Covergirl lip, foundation, powder, blush or concealer
$1 cpn- 11/28 P&G
$2/2 cpn- 11/28 P&G

Revlon Grow Luscious mascara or Colorstay Ultimate liquid lipstick- $7.99 and get $4 ECB

Spend $15 and get $5 ECB Loreal Cosmetics

Spend $20 and get $5 ECB Nivea products
$1 Nivea for women bodywash- 12/5 RP
B1G1Free Nivea lip product- 12/5 RP
$1 Nivea lotion- 12/5 RP

Spend $30 and get $10 ECB Loreal hair color, skin or hair care

Tone bodywash- $3.88 and get $3 ECB

Jergens or Curel- $6.99 and get $2 ECB
$3/2 Jergens cpn- 12/5 SS

Spend $8 and get $3 ECB Softsoap

Spend $10 and get $5 ECB Motions, Soft & Beautiful or Just for Me

CVS Stop Smoking Aid- $29.99 and get $5 ECB

Tena- $11.99 and get $2 ECB

Thermacare- $13.98/2 and get $4 ECB

Colgate Total Advanced or Enamel Strength toothpaste- $2.99 and get $2 ECB- Limit 2

ClearBlue pregnancy test- $12.99
$1 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Pepto Bismol- $4.00 and get $1 ECB
$0.50 cpn- 12/26 P&G

Buy Alli and get $10 ECB

Fuse, Vitamin Water, Smart Water, Honest Tea or Powerade- $3/3 and get $1 ECB- Limit 2
B1G1Free Vitamin Water Facebook printable
$0.50 Honest Tea printable cpn

Pringles- $3/2
$1/4 Pringles Super Stack- 12/26 P&G
$0.50 Pringles Super Stack or Stix- 12/26 P&G
$1/2 Pringles Fat Free- 12/26 P&G

Puffs- $0.94- Limit 6
$0.25/3 Puffs cpn- 12/26 P&G

Monday, December 20, 2010

Rite Aid deals for the week of 12/19/10

Rocher, Rondior, Raffaello, Holiday M&M's, Hershey's, Mars minis, Palmer, Andes, Lindt or Ghiradelli- $5/2 and get $1 UP
B2G1Free cpn- 12/5 SS

Duracell Batteries- $8.77 and get $1 UP
$1.50 cpn- 12/12 RP

Coke Products 12 pk cans- $9.99/3 and get #2 UP

Hershey's Pot of Gold- $3.99 and get $2 UP
$1 cpn- 12/5 SS

Conair Mini Dryer, Straightener, Crimper, or You Style- $14.99 and get $5 UP

EOS Lip balm or Lypsl Lip Moisterizer- $5/2 and get $1 UP

Yes to Carrots Lip Care or Nivea Lip Care- $5/3 and get $1 UP
B1G1Free Nivea lip cpn- 12/5 RP

Conair Mens or Womens Massaging Slippers- $19.99 and get $5 UP

25% off All Sonicare Toothbrushes or Refill Head
Purchase Flexcare #HX6932 and get Rebate of $40.00- Rebate #4
$15 Flexcare cpn- 12/12 SS
$5 Sonicare brush heads cpn- 12/12 SS

Spend $30 of the following and get $10 UP:
Micro Touch Max Trimmer, Micro Force Shave, Crazy Critters, Cami Secret, Ped Egg or Auto Vac- $9.99
Snuggie or Total Pillow- $14.99
Shake Weight for Women, Yoshi Blade, Classic Pen Set or The Clapper- $19.99
Shake Weight for Men or Cris Angel Platinum Magic Kit- $29.99

$2 Up when you buy any of the following: (excludes Great Value or Kids Stuff label toys)
25% off All Family Board Games, Card games, Handeheld Electronic games, puzzles, all action figures or dolls, all Wii console games or accessories

$ 2 UP when you buy Maxwell CDR, DVD+R, DVD-R, or DVC Camcorder

Vextra any CD Boombox or Portable CD Player- $29.99 and get $10 UP

Craig iPod Clock Radio, iPod Boombox, iPod Speaker Dock, DVD Player or 512 MB MP3 Player with speakers- $29.99 and get $10 SCR

Vivitar Vivicam 5015 5.1 MP Digital Camera- $39.99 and get $10 SCR

Sandisk or Lexar 8GB SD Card- $34.99 and get $10 SCR

Georgia Pacific/ Xerox Copy Paper- $4.99 and get $1 UP

Fujifilm AV100 12MP Digital Camera- $79.99 and get $20 SCR

B1G 50% off Loreal skin care and get $5 Up when you buy 2

Clariol Nice N Easy Graysolution Hair Color- $8.99 and get $3 UP

CeraVe- $11.99 and get $2 UP

Buy $30 Aveeno skin, bath, baby, hair care or ROC skin care and Clean & Clear skin care and get $10 UP

25% off Acne Free skin care and get $3 UP

Fragrances retail $21.99 and up- $10 off regular retail and get $5 UP

B1G 50% off-Loreal Voluminous, Telescopic or Lash Boosting mascara and get $5 Up when you buy $15- Limit 1 offer per household

Almay eye makeup- $5.99 and get $2 SCR- Limit 2 Rebates
$2 Almay Intense-I Video Value cpn

B1G 50% off Revlon Lip and Nail enamel and get $3 UP
$2 Revlon Just Bittin lipstain Video Value cpn

B1G 50% off All Nail Treatment or Borghese Nail Enamel and get $1 UP

B1G1Free All Emergen-C and get $2 UP when you buy 2

B1G1Free All Natrol Supplements, Laci Super Dieters Tea or Promensil and get $2 UP when you buy 2

Viactiv- $5.99 and get $2 UP
$2 cpn- 10/24 SS

Alli- $59.99 and get $5 SCR

25% off First Check Home Drug Test and get $2 UP

Breathe Right Nasal Strips 26-30ct- $9.99 and get $2 UP
Use $2 Video Value cpn
$2.50 cpn- 10/14 RP

Benefiber, Exlax, or Gax-X- $8.99 and get $2 SCR
$1 Benefiber Video Value cpn
$1 Benefiber cpn- 10/17 SS
$4 gas-x cpn- 12/12 SS

Tums or Beano- $8/2 and get $2 UP
$1/2 Tums cpn- 11/14 RP
$2 Beano Video Value cpn

Any Softlips lip care, Phisoactive Bodywash, Rohto eye drops, Mentholatum oitment and get $10 up when you buy $30

Delsym or Mucinex Nasal Spray- $9.99 and get $2 UP
$1 Delsym Video Value cpn
$1.50 Mucinex Video Value cpn

Vicks Adult Dayquil, Nyquil or VapoRub- $8/2 and get $2 UP
$1.50 Dayquil cpn- 11/28 P&G
$1.50 Nyquil cpn- 11/28 P&G

Diabetic Tussin or Zostrix HP Arthritis- $9.99 and get $2 UP

Clear Care, Aquify Multipurpose, GenTeal, AMO Complete or Blink eye drops- $7.99 and get $2 UP
$3 Clear Care or Aquify cpn- 12/5 SS

Motrin PM caplets 20-80ct and get $3 UP
Use $2 in ad cpn
$2 Motrin PM cpn- 11/21 SS

Crest Whitestrips- $24.99 and get $5 UP

Toms Bar Soap, Toothpaste or Mouthwash- $6/2 and get $1 SCR

Sea-Bond- $5.99 and get $1 UP

Crest toothpaste, 3D White Rinse or Oral B Cross Action manual toothbrush- $2.99 and get $1 UP
$0.75 Crest toothpaste- 11/28 P&G

Just for Men or Touch of Gray- $6.99 and get $1 UP

Boost Energy Drinks- $12/2 and get $2 UP
$1.50 cpn- 11/14 RP

Colace, PeriColace, Konsyl or Balneol- $12.99 and get $3 UP

Buy $20 Scunci or Conair brushes, combs, hair accessories and get $10 UP

Nicorette gum or lozenges- $59.99 and get $10 UP
$7 mini lozenge Video Value cpn

Dial, Coast, Irish Spring bar soap, bodywash or Softsoap Liquid hand soap- $3.99 amd get $1 UP

Band Aid or 3M Childrens bandages- $5/2 and get $1 UP

First Response pregnancy test or Rapid- $12.99 and get $3 UP

EPT pregnancy test or KY lubricants- $10.99 and get $2 UP

Clearasil facial care- excludes overnight- and get $2 UP
Use $2 in ad cpn

Clearasil Overnight facial care and get $2 UP
Use $5 in ad cpn

Glade Lasting Impressions or Sense & Spray Kits- $6.99 and get $1 UP
$3 Glade Lasting Impressions cpn- 12/5 RP

Fantasik, Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout or Suavitel Fabric Softener- $5/2 and get $1 UP

Pledge Fabric Sweeper, Glade Plug ins or refills, Kaboom Bathroom Cleaner- $3.99 and get $1 UP

Glad Trash Bags- $13/2 and get $1 UP and $1 SCR

25% off all GE light bulbs and get $1 UP

Soft White GE light bulbs or longlife light bulbs- $4/2 and get $2 UP

Buy TrueTest Blood Glucose Test Strips and get Free TrueResult Glucose Monitor and get $5 UP

Rite Aid Protective Underwear- $9.99 and get $1 UP

Rite Aid black tea, specialty tea or honey- $5/2 and get $1 UP

Rite Aid pretzles, cheese puffs, popcorn, trail mix or microwave popcorn- $3/2 and get $1 UP

Uncle Bens Ready Rice or Betty Crocker mashed potatoes- $1.99 and get $1 UP
$0.30 Uncle Ben Video Value cpn
$1/3 Uncle Ben cpn- 11/14 RP
$0.50/2 Betty Crocker Mashed Potatoes- 12/5 GM

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream- $5/2 and get $1 UP

Buy $15 of the following and get $5 UP:
Nabisco crackers, New York Style bagel chips, Poppycock, Stacy's Pita chips or Rite Aid peanuts- $1.99
Planters Nuts- $3.88

Hot Pockets, DiGiornio small pizza, Lean Cuisine or Stouffers frozen dinners- $2.99 and get $1 UP

Pirouline Wafers, Mott's cookies or Simply Indulgent Cookies- $5/2 and get $1 UP

Poland Spring Water- $8/2 amd get $1 UP

7 Up or Diet 7 UP- $3.99/3 and get $2 UP

Hershey's, Reeses, or M&M Mars Single bars- $2/4 and get $1 UP

Hershey's or Cadbury XL bars- $2/2 and get $1 UP

Tide Acti-Lift- $9.99 and get $2 UP
$1 cpn/ 11/28 P&G

Brawny Paper Towels or Quilted Northern Bathroom Tissue- $5.99 and get $1 UP

General Mills cereal- $5/2 and get $2 UP
$1/2 cpn- 12/5 GM

Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball or Pillow Pets- $19.99 and get $2 UP
Use $2 Pillow Pet Video Value cpn

Loreal Preference Hair Color- $17/2 and get $3 UP
Use $5 in ad cpn
$2 cpn- 10/24 RP

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wendy's Perfect Pair Instant Win game

Wendy's has an instant win game where you answer 4 questions and see if you instantly win one of their prizes.  Prizes include an entertainment prize, a relaxation prize, a convenience prize and they are giving away 2,222 $5 Wendy's gift cards daily.  You can play once a day until December 31, 2010.  You can get an extra entry by sharing with friends either by email or Facebook.  Even if you don't win you get a chance to print out a Wendy's coupon.

Fox Home Entertainment Instant Win game

Fox Home Entertainment is giving away a prize a day to celebrate their 75th anniversary.  They have a scratch off instant win game for a chance to instantly win $75,000, movie posters, DVDs or Blue- Rays.  You can play every day and can get extra plays if you refer friends- up to 3 a day.  Game ends December 31, 2010.

Office Depot Instant Win game

Office Depot has a Gift of the Day giveaway instant win game.  You can play daily to win until December 24th.  No purchase is necessary.

Visit here to play and/or to see the prizes for upcoming days.

Redbox deal

If you love Redbox and rent movies often, here is a deal for you. 

Until December 31st:
Rent 3 dvds and get 1 Free
Rent 5 dvds and get 2 Free

You have to use the same credit card and same email address for all your dvd rental to receive your code, which will come by email on January 5, 2011.  If you use a promo code to rent dvds, they will not count towards this promotion.  Limit 2 free rentals per customer.

Oriental Trading Sweepstakes

Oriental Trading is giving away (5) $100 gift cards everyday.  Enter everyday until 12/29/10.  No purchase is necessary:)

CVS Deals for the week of 12/19/10

Revlon Super Lustrious, Moon Drops, Color Burst lip or Double Twist Mascara- $6.99 and get $4 ECB- Limit 4

Coke- $13/4 and get $3 ECB

Russell Stover- $4.99 and get $1 ECB
$1 cpn- 12/12 SS

Hershey or Mars bag candy- $5/2 and get $2 ECB- Limit 2
B2G1Free cpn- 12/5 SS

B1G1Free Gold Emblem Nuts- Limit 4

B1G1Free CVS Batteries- Limit 4

Shift 3 Lookbook Wireless Reader- $119.99 and get $20 ECB

B1G 50% off Select Womens or Mens Designer Fragrances retail $14.99 & up- Limit 6

Sunbeam Warming Throw- $29.99 and get $5 MIR

Philips Sonicare toothbrush- $39.99 and get $5 ECB- Limit 2
$10 cpn- 12/12 SS
$10 MIR- 12/12 SS

Conair Mini Pro- $19.99 and get $5 ECB

B1G1Free Zhu Zhu Pets
CVS B2G1Free Zhu Zhu Pets Printable cpn

B1G 50% off All Crayola

B2G1Free Essence of Beauty bath & body, Bath Accessories oar Holiday Gift Sets

B1G1Free CVS Power Flash Camera- $7.99

Buy 3 American Express Prepaid Gift Cards and get $10 ECB

B1G1Free Verizon $10, $20, $30 or $50 Long Distance phone card

B1G1Free Photo Frames and Albums

B1G1Free Twizzlers, Breath Savers 3 hr or Ice Breakers

B1G1Free Emerald Nuts
$1 cpn- 11/14 RP
$1.50/2 cpn- 11/14 RP

B2G1Free Hershey King size, Orbit gum or 5 gum

Revlon Nail Color- $3.99 and get $2 ECB- Limit 6

B1G 50% off Neutrogena cosmetics

Buy $10 Scunci hair accessories and get Scunci coin purse

Buy $10 Physicians Formula cosmetics and get $7 ECB

B1G 50% off Wet N Wild

B1G1 50% off Revlon, Nailene or Fing'rs artificial nails

Schick Hydro 3 or 5 razor- $8.79 and get $4 ECB
$2 cpn- 12/5 SS

B2G1Free Hair Accessory gift ideas

B1G 50% off CVS Cotton balls or Nail Polish Remover, Oral B Pulsar, Power or Manual toothbrush or Cross Action brush heads, CVS Oral Care, or L'eggs Hosiery

Spend $20 CVS Facial cleansing or moisterizing and get $5 ECB

B1G 50% off Clean & Clear

Spend $20 Nivea bodywash, lotion, cream, serum, lip or gift sets and get $5 ECB
B1G1Free lip cpn- 12/5 RP
$1 Nivea bodywash- 12/5 RP

Cetaphil- $9.89 and get $2 ECB

Univeristy Medical Face Lift- $24.99 and get $10 ECB

Spend $30 Roc skin care and get $10 ECB

Pantene- $6.97/2 and get $2 ECB
Buy Pantene product and get free Pantene shampoo cpn- 11/28 P&G
$1/2 Pantene cpn- 11/28 P&G

B1G 50% off John Freida

Listerine- $3.99 and get $2 ECB- Limit 2

Buy Crest Whitestrips and get $10 ECB
$7 cpn- 11/14 RP

Thermacare- $2.79 and get $2.79 ECB

B1G1Free Nature Bounty or Flex-a-min
$3 Flex-a-min cpn- 11/7 RP
$5 Flex-a-min cpn- 12/5 RP
$1 Nature Bounty cpn- 11/14 RP

B1G 50% off CVS Acetaminophen

B1G 50% off I-Caps, All Osuvite or Preservision Vitamins or Supplements

B1G1Free Lays chips

Spend $10 AirWick oil refills 2 pk, Freshmatic refills or I-Motion refills and get $3 ECB
$1 Airwick refill cpn- 12/12 SS
$3/3 Airwick refill cpn- 11/14 SS

Spend $15 Duracell batteries and get $5 ECB
$1.50 cpn- 11/14 RP
$1.50 Coppertop cpn- 12/12 RP

B1G1Free CVS Vitamins, minerals or herbals- Limit 6

B1G 50% off Johnson & Johnson products and Desitin

Walgreens deals for the week of 12/19/10

Nabisco cookies and crackers- $5/2
Use $1 Instant Value Coupon (IVC)
$1 Nabisco crackers cpn- 11/14 SS

B1G1Free Breyers Ice Cream- $6.49

Hershey's or Cadbury Holiday Candy- $5/2
Use $1 IVC
B2G1Free Hershey cpn- 12/5 SS

B1G1Free Hefty One Zip bags- $3.29

Philips GoGear 4GB MP3 player- $49.99 and get $10 Mail in Rebate (MIR)

B1G1Free IDT $20 Phone Card- in ad cpn- Limit 4

Kodak Cameras or Film- $8.99
Use $2 IVC

B1G 50% off Hallmark Boxed cards

B1G 50% off Zhu Zhu pets or Kung Zhu pets games or accessories

25% off all regular price $19.99 toys

Paper Jamz Guitar- $19.99 and get  free Paper Jamz Amplifier

Buy Energizer products at $7.99 and get 2 FREE Redbox codes
$1 Energizer Batteries cpn- 11/21 SS

Sunbeam Warming Throw- $34.99 and get $5 MIR

Sylvania Appliances at $12.99 and get $3 MIR

Sylvania Appliances at $19.99 and get $5 MIR

B1G1Free Patriot Jar Candles- $8.99

B1G 50% off Schick Razor systems or 3 pk Quattro disposables
$2 Hydro or Quattro razor cpn- 12/5 SS
$2 Quattro for Women or Intuition- 12/5 SS
$1 Schick diposable razor- 11/21 SS
$1 Quattro for Women or Intution- 11/21 SS

B1G 50% off Revlon cosmetics or implements

B1G 50% off Almay cosmetics

B1G 50% off Loreal skin care

Buy Olay Pro X Advanced Cleansing System- $29.99 and get FREE Olay cleanser up to $19.99 value
$3 Pro X Cleanser cpn- 12/12 RP

Buy 2 or more EverPure, EverStrong or Elnett products and get $5 RR
$1 EverPure cpn- 10/24 RP
$1 EverStrong cpn- 10/24 RP

B1G 50% off Lubriderm skin care
$1 Printable cpn

B1G 50% off Walgreens Diapers or Training Pants

B1G 50% off Trojan Condoms
$2 Trojan cpn- 10/3 SS

B1G 50% off Walgreens Feminine Care

B1G 50% off Walgreens Pantiliners- $0.89

B1G 50% off Infant Formula

Get a Flu Shot and get a $3/$15 cpn

Bausch & Lomb eye care- BioTrue, Soothe XP or Boston Simplus- $8.99 and get $2 RR
$2 BioTrue cpn- 12/12 SS
$4/2 BioTrue cpn- 12/12 SS
$1 Soothe XP printable cpn

Digital Thermometer- $29.99
Use $10 IVC

Theraflu- $10/2
Use $1 IVC
$1.50 Theraflu cpn- 12/5 SS
$2 Theraflu warming- 12/5 SS

B1G1Free Walgreens Pain Relief

B1G1Free Finest Natural Heart Health Supplements, Glucosamine, Nature Bounty Twin Pack and Nature Bounty vitamins and supplements

Ultrasonic Humidifiers- $34.99 and get $10 MIR

True2go blood glucose- $9.99 and get $9.99 MIR

Dual Ultrasonic Humidifier- $64.99 and get $10 MIR

Deluxe blood pressure- $54.99 and get $15 MIR

B1G 50% off Maybelline cosmetics
$2 Maybelline lip cpn- 12/5 RP

B1G1Free Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent

Hungry Hungry Hippos Travel game- $4.99
$5 cpn- 12/5 SS

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wanted to let everyone know.....

A lot of you are probably wondering why I haven't typed up the Rite Aid deals yet.  I had every intention on doing so but got very sick.  I started having pain in my ear down to my throat.  I found out yesterday not only do I have an ear infection, I have a nasty case of strep throat.  Not only am I sick but my husband also has another case of strep throat- he just got over strep 2 weeks ago and got it again.  My 6 year old has an ear infection.  So as you can see part of my family is sick.  I will post deals and store deals when we are better.  I thank you for your patience and understanding as my family recooperates.

Have a blessed germ free nonsick week:)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

CVS Deals for the week of 12/12-18/10

B1G1Free Nature Made Vitamins or Supplements- Limit 6

B2G1Free Toys

B1G1Free CVS batteries- Limit 4

B1G1Free Edy's ice cream- Limit 4

B1G1Free Planters mixed nuts, whole cashews, Nutrition, Smoked almonds & emerald almonds- Limit 4

Russell Stovers- $4.99- use $1 in store cpn

Holiday M&M's, Dove or Hershey's- $5/2- use $1/2 in store cpn

Kelloggs- Raisin Bran, Corn Flakes, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, Cocoa or Rice Krispies- $1.88- Limit 4

B1G1Free Kodak HD Power Flash

B2G1Free 12 month photo calendar

Buy 3 American Express Prepaid  gift cards and get $10 ECB

Buy a Green Dot prepaid card and pay $4.95 and get a $10 credit when you make a purchase at CVS by 01/29/2011

B1G 50% off Photo Frames & Albums

Spend $15 in itunes gift cards and get Despicalbe Me DVD for $9.99

Spend $10 Revlon cosmetics and get $4 ECB

B1G 50% off Sally Hensen cosmetics

B1G 50% off Almay cosmetics

Maybelline mascara- $7.00 and get $2 ECB

B1G 50% off Bonne Bell

Neutrogena Clinical Day, Night, or Eye get $10 ECB

Spend $15 in Loreal products on page and get $5 ECB
$2 Loreal Revitalift Deep Wrinkle cpn- 10/24 RP

University Medical or AcneFree- get $5 ECB

Infusium 23- $5.99 and get $2 ECB
$1 cpn- 11/14 SS

Spend $10 on Dark & Lovely, Optinum Care, Lets Jam, Roots Natural Strength or Care Free Curls and get $5 ECB

B1G 50% off Gum Softpicks or flossers

$3 ECB when you buy Multipack Crest, Fixodent, Glide or Oral B- 2-4 pk only

B1G 50% off CVS Cotton Swabs

Crest Pro Health toothpaste and Rinse, Crest with Scope toothpaste or Oral B floss- $2.99 and get $2 ECB- Limit 2
$1 Crest cpn- 11/28 P&G

Crest WhiteStrips and get $10 ECB
$7 Crest 3D WhiteStrips cpn- 11/14 RP

B1G1Free Right Guard or Dry Idea

B1G1Free CVS Heart Health or Joint Health Supplements

B1G 50% off Oscal D

Spend $20 Excedrin and get $10 ECB
$1 cpn- 10/17 SS
$1.50 cpn- 10/17 SS

Aleve- 200 ct or 80 ct liquid gels and get $4 ECB
$2 cpn- 10/24 RP

B1G 50% off CVS oral care, sleep aids, laxatives, fiber, enemas, stool softeners, shaving needs, mens hair care, acetaminaphen, skin care, allergy (CVS compare to Zyrtec), nail polish remover, make up remover, cotton balls, baby wipes, hair care, diapers or kid pants

B1G1Free Ibuprofen or Allergy (CVS compare to Claritin)

Spend $10 Glade or Oust and get $3 ECB- Limit 2
B1G1Free Glade Diffuser cpn- 11/7 SS
$3 Lasting Impression- 12/5 RP
$1 Glade Room Spray- 12/5 RP
$1 Decorative glass candle- 12/5 SS
$1/2 Jar Candle- 12/5 SS

Spend $15 Duracell batteries and get $5 ECB
$1.50 cpn- 11/4 RP

B1G1Free Gatorade or Sobe

B1G 50% off Loreal eye shadow, liner or mascara- Limit 6

B1G1Free gift wrap- Limit 6

Buy 2 Olay Regenerist or All Olay Definity Facial Care and get $12 ECB

Rapidlash- $49.99 and get $10 ECB

Buy 2 Gillette Pro Fusion Proglide or Venus razors and get $5 ECB
$4 ProGlide - 11/28 P&G

Old Spice Pro Strength, Secret or Gillette Clinical Strength and get $1 ECB
$0.50 Secret cpn- 11/28 P&G

Norelco face or body shaver- $34.99 and get $5 ECB

Axe gift set and get $2 ECB

Prilosec OTC- 42ct- $24.99 and get $7 ECB- Limit 3
$7 cpn- 11/28 P&G

Align- $28.99 and get $5 ECB- Limit 3
$1 cpn- 10/17 RP

Aosept, Clear Care or GenTeal- $8.99 and get $2 ECB

Walgreens deals for the week of 12/12-18/10

Spend $25 and earn $5 Bonus Jingle Cash (JC) - also known as RR
Spend $50 and earn $10 Bonus JC
Spend $75 and earn $15 Bonus JC
Spend $100 and earn $100 JC
Bonus Jingle Cash can only be used from 12/19- 12/23

Hershey's Pot of Gold- $9/2 and get $3 RR
$1 cpn- 12/5 SS

Buy $15 worth of Lindt Chocolates and get $5 RR

Holiday M&M's- $10/4 and get $5 RR
$1/2 cpn- 11/14 RP

Hershey Jumbo Bags- $9/2 and get $2 RR
B2G1Free kisses or minis cpn- 12/5 SS

Brachs Holiday candy- $5/2 and get $1 RR

Mars or Dove Minis- $6/2 and get $2 RR

Nestle Chocolate- $5/2 and use $1 Instant Value Cpn (IVC)

Sylvania Appliances- $19.99 and get $5 Mail in rebate (MIR)

Brita Pitchers- $14.99 and get $5 MIR
$5 Brita printable cpn

Viva Paper Towels 6pk- $5.99 and use $1 IVC

Walgreens Alkaline batteries- B1G1Free at $6.49

Energizer Batteries- $5.99 and get $1 RR
$1 cpn- 10/3 SS

Buy 2 Hallmark cards and get $2 RR
Buy 6+ Hallmark cards and get $5 RR

Scotch packing tape- B1G1Free at $3.49 with in ad cpn

B1G 50% off All Holiday Ornaments

B1G1Free Sticker Books, Puzzles & Activity Books at $2.99

B1G 50% off Games

B1G1Free Hanes Tshirts, Underwear & Socks

B1G1Free Leggs Pantyhose, Profiles, Tights or Knee Highs

Conair Hair Appliances- $29.99 and get $5 RR

Conair Hair Appliances- $17.99 and get $5 RR

B1G 50% off Loreal Cosmetics
$2 cpn- 9/19 RP- **cpn expires 12/12**

Ponds Cold Cream or Dry Skin Cream- $5.99 and use $1 IVC

B1G 50% off Neutrogena Cosmetics, Facial Wipes and Make Up removers

Goody Hair Accessories- $2 and get $2 RR

B1G1Free Soft Soap or Irish Springs bodywash

Just For Me- No Lye Relaxer Kit or Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Relaxer or Texturizer- $4.99 and get $4RR

B1G 50% off Caress bodywash or 2-8 pk Caress or Lever 2000 bar soap

Blistex lip care- $0.99
$1/2 cpn 12/12 SS

B1G50% off  Biotene Oral Care, Sensodyne toothpaste or 3D White Dental Care
$0.75 Sensodyne cpn- 9/26 RP
$7 Whitestrips 3D- 11/14 RP

B1G 50% off Schick Razor Systems or 3 pk Quattro disposable
$1 Schick disposable cpn- 11/21 SS

B1G1Free Right Guard or Dry Idea

B1G1Free Instyle Impressions or Designer Fragrances at $11.99

B1G1Free Noxema razors or shave cream

B1G1Free Bic Comfort 3 disposable razor at $3.99

Huggies or Pullups Jumbo- $18/2 and get $3 RR
$2 Huggies Snugglers or Movers cpn- 12/5 SS

B1G 50% off Little Tykes toys or Playtex baby accessories

Braun Thermoscan or Comfort Scanner Forehead- $49.99 and get $20 MIR

B1G 50% off Kotex tampons, pads or liners

B1G 50% off Select Johnson & Johnson products or Destin

Get a Flu shot and get $3 off $15 purchase

B1G1Free Walgreens Aspirin

B1G 50% off Thermacare Wraps 2-3pk, Zostrix HD cream or Precise 3-4 pk patches or cream.
$5 Zostrix cpn- 11/14 SS

B1G1Free Bed Buddy Hot & Cold Pack, Ice & Hot Pack or Thermacool

Activan Joint & Muscle or Arthritus Pain Relief $7.99 and get $7.99 RR

Zicam- $10.99 and use $2 IVC
$1 cpn- 10/24 SS
$2 Zicam Plus cpn-10/24 SS

B1G1Free Cold or Sinus Relief or Cold, Cough or Flu, Mucus Relief

Claritin- $26.99 and get $4 RR
$4 cpn- 12/5 SS

Mucus Relief- $12.99 and use $3 IVC

Mucinex or Delsym- $9.99 and get $2 RR

Breathe Right Strips- $11.99 and use $4 IVC
$2.50 cpn- 10/17 RP

B1G1Free Schiff Supplements, Walgreens Calcium or Glucosamine Complex Supplement, Nature Made Heart Health or Walgreens Gold Seal
$3 Schiff Glucosamine- 10/31 SS
$2 Schiff Mega D3- 10/31 SS
$3 Schiff Mega Red- 10/31 SS
$5 Schiff Move Free- 10/31 SS
$2 Schiff Vitamin or Supplement- 10/31 SS

Zantac- $18.99 and get $4 RR
$5 cpn- 11/14 SS

Omeprizole- $14.99 and use $2 IVC

B1G 50% off Mylanta, Immodium or Lactaid
$1 cpn- 10/31 RP
$4/2 cpn- 10/31 RP

Dulcolax- $6.99 and use $2 IVC
Dulcolax $8 printable

Omron Blood Pressure Monitor- $54.99 and get $5 RR

B1G 50% off Support Braces, Glues, Bandages, Stockings or Pantyhose

B1G 50% off Disposable gloves

B1G 50% off Covergirl cosmetics

B1G1Free Finest Natural Vitamins or Supplements

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How I turned 1 meal into 3 meals

As most of you know, I love leftovers.  I normally cook more than we normally eat just to have leftovers.  I cook Monday - Friday and love not having to cook Saturday and Sunday and being able to spend that time with my family.  I love having to just go into the kitchen, look in the fridge and heat up what we are going to have that night for dinner.  Sometimes we have a little of this and a little of that in the fridge. Instead of heating it all up and having the possibility of it not getting eaten, I just grab a scrap of paper and basically take "orders" as to what everyone wants and heat it up by the plate full,  It works wonderfully for our family. 

I was so excited to be able to turn my homemade crockpot chicken noodle soup into 3 meals for our family of 6.  Here is how I did it:

I made a crockpot full of homemade chicken noodle soup but accidentally put in too many noodles.  The first night we had chicken noodle soup with rolls.  The noodles sucked up most of the broth overnight.  The next day I added some store bought chicken broth ( I didn't have any homemade broth left) and heated it up by the bowl full and paired it with yummy grilled cheese sandwiches.  The 3rd night, I still had a lot of chicken noodle soup left, well mostly chicken, noodles and veggies and very little broth.  No problem, I said and I took the noodles, chicken and veggies and put them into a greased 9x13 pan sprinkled a little shredded cheese on top and baked in the oven for about 20 minutes.

 We served this with the leftover rolls and it was yummy:)  I was able to take my 1 crockpot full of chicken noodle soup and use it for 3 meals- what a great way to save on our grocery budget.

Free Folgers Coffee Sweepstakes

Folgers has a sweepstakes where you can enter to win some pretty cool prizes.  Just go here and sign up for the Folgers Waking Up Club Holiday Exclusive. You can enter once a day. 

This weeks prize is Free Folgers Coffee, International Delight Coffee Creamer for one year plus 4 mugs for you and a friend:)  This weeks prize runs from 12/07/10 Noon EST until 12/14/10 11:59 AM EST

From 12/14/10 Noon EST until 12/21/10 11:59 AM EST, the prize is $1000 grocery gift card 12 free Folgers Coffee coupons

From 12/21/10 Noon EST until 12/28/10 11:59 Am EST, the prize is $10,000 for groceries and 12 free Folgers Coffee coupons

Chicken Beef & More specials 12/7-12/11

For those readers local to me, these are the specials that Chicken Beef & More are running this week:

Price sheet for Chicken beef & More for Tuesday 12/7/2010 Thru Saturday 12/11/2010

Whole Boneless Pork Loins     $2.29lb

40lb cases of Chicken Wings   $45.00

Whole NY Strip Loins   $4.89lb

Ny Strip Steaks  $5.49lb
For those wondering what in the world is Chicken Beef & More?  It is a wonderful little butcher shop in our county.  They run great sales and their meat is always fresh.  I usually try to check them first when buying meat.  You never know what deals you may find:)

Free Redbox Code when you.....

I just got an email on how to get a free Redbox code.  We love Redbox but don't have any here in this county so we make sure that if we are running errands and know that we will be going through the area the next day, then we will rent a movie. 

Heres how to get a free Redbox Code:
Buy any two (2) bags of TOSTITOS®, DORITOS® and/or LAY'S® snacks (9 oz. or larger) in a single transaction between 11/21/10 and 1/1/11 at Walgreens and get a FREE* one-night rental from redbox!
* The code will print with your Walgreens receipt and is valid for first night of rental only.  The free code does not work for Blu-ray or video game rentals.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rite Aid deals for the week of 12/05/10

Mars minis, Hershey and Reese's holiday minis- $4/2 and get $1 UP
$1/2 Video Value cpn for Kisses
$1/2 Video Value cpn for minis
$1/2 Video Value cpn for Reese's
B2GFree cpn- 12/5 SS

Pot of Gold- $3.99 and get $2 UP
$1 cpn - 12/5 SS

Tide 2X, Tide Stain release, Bounty Basic paper towels, Charmin Basic bath tissue- $5.99 and get $1 UP
$1 Tide cpn- 11/28 P&G
$1 Stain Release cpn- 11/28 P&G
$0.25 Bounty Basic cpn- 11/28 P&G
$1 Charmin Basic cpn- 11/28 P&G

B1G0% off Revlon cosmetics- $4 UP when you buy 2 products
$2 Video Value cpn

Coke Products- $6/2 and get $1 UP

Scotch 3M Magic or Gift Wrap tape- 3pk- $4/2 and get $1 UP

B1G 50% off GE Decorative or Globe bulbs- $3 UP when you buy 2

Twilight Eclispe Board Game- $9.99 and get $2 UP

Assorted Gifts- $9.99 and get $2 UP

Conair AC Dryer, Fushsia dryer, you style or you curl stylers- $34.99 and get $5 UP

Revlon pink styler, travel dryer or Straigtener- $14.99 and get $5 UP

Conair Massaging Slippers- $19.99 and get $5 UP

Wonka Chocolate bags, Dove Holiday minis or Hersheys Bliss- $2.99 and get $1 UP
$1 Bliss cpn- 12/5 SS
$1/2 Dove Video Value cpn

Fujifilm 12MP Digital Camera- $79.99 and get $20 SCR

Vivitar Vivicam 5015 Digital Camera- $39.99 and get $10 SCR and $3 UP

50% off All Picture frames and photo albums and get $2 UP when you buy any photo frame or album

Ready Mobile Unlimited prepaid phone- $12.99 and get $3 UP

Craig IPod Clock radio, IPod Boombox, Speaker, MP3 or DVD player- $29.99 and get $10 SCR

TDK- CD-R 50pk, DVD 25pk or DVC Camcorder 2pk- $9.99 and get $3 UP

HP Black ink cartidge- $14.99 and get $5 UP when you buy 2

Tugaboos Mega pk Diapers or Overnights- $23/2 and get $3 UP

Rite Aid baby oil, lotion, wash, shampoo, powder, anesthetic gel, cotton swabs, wipes, diaper rash ointment, or creamy petroluem jelly- $5/2 and get 1 UP

Rite Aid paper plates, foam plates, cups or bowls- $5/2 and get $1 UP

Rite Aid Cashew pieces or mixed nuts, pitashchio, pecan mix or macadamias- $3.88 and get $1 UP

Rite Aid Coffee creamer, sweetner, or coffee- $5/2 and get $1 UP

Osteo Bi-Flex- B1G1Free and get 2 UP when you buy 2

Schiff Megared or Mega D3- B1G1Free and get $2 UP when you buy 2

Fibromyalgia, restless leg sciatica or tinnitus relief- $14.99 and get $3 UP

Omron Wrist blood pressure monitor- $49.99 and get $10 UP

Halls Sugar Free Cough Drops or Fisherman's Friend Lozenges- $3/2 and get $1 UP
$1/2 Halls cpn- 11/7 SS

Theraflu powder, caplet or warming & Triaminic- $9/2 and get $1 UP
$1.50 Theraflu cpn- 12/5 SS

Airborne, Emergen C or Immune+- $4.99 and get $1 UP
$1 Airborne cpn- 11/14 SS

Pediacare- $5.99 and get 2 UP
$1 cpn- 12/5 SS

Alka Seltzer- $4.99 and get $1 UP
$1 cpn 12/5 RP

Save $3 any size Claritin D Rite Aid cpn
$2 Claritin Video Value cpn

Prilosec OTC 28 ct- $17.99 and get $3 UP
$3 cpn- 11/28 P&G

Zegerid OTC 42ct- $24.99 and get $5 UP
$2 Video Value cpn
$5 cpn- 12/5 SS

Abreva- $16.99 and get $2 UP
$3 cpn- 10/17 RP
$5 Video Value cpn

Bio True Multipurpose Solutution- $8.99 and get $2 UP
$1 Rite Aid in ad cpn
$1.50 cpn 8/5 SS

Therma Care- get $5 UP when you buy 2
$1 Video Value cpn

KY Yours +Mine, Kissing, Intrigue or Liquid Beads- $14.99 and get $2 UP

Advil- get $5 UP when you buy 2
$1 cpn- 11/14 SS
$1 PM cpn- 10/31 RP
$2 PM cpn- 10/31 RP

Aleve or Bayer Low Dose- $18/2 and get $2 UP
$1 Aleve Video Value - Nov
$1 Aleve cpn- 10/24 RP
$1 Bayer cpn- 10/24 RP

Dr Scholls Foot Care- $10 Up when you buy $20

Icy Hot, Aspercreme or Salonpas Patch- $5.99 and get $1 UP
$4 Icy Hot or Aspercreme cpn- 10/3 SS
$1 Icy Hot No mess cpn- 10/3 SS

Keri Lotion- $10/2 and get 3 UP
$1 cpn- 10/3 SS

Nivea body wash or shower gel- $3.99 and get $1 UP
$1 cpn- 12/5 RP

Nivea for Men body wash- $3.99 and get $1 SCR
$1 cpn- 12/5 RP

Any Schick Intuition, Quattro or Cartridge refills- $8.49 and get $2 UP
$2 Quattro cpn-12/5 SS
$1 Titanium- Video Value Nov

Aquafresh toothpaste, Actiflex toothbrush or Colgate 360 toothbrush- B1G1Free and get $2 UP when you buy 2
$0.50 Aquafresh cpn- 10/31 RP
$0.35 Colgate toothbrush cpn- 12/5 SS
$1 Colgate 360 toothbrush Video Value cpn- Nov

Crest Pro Health Clinical Gum or Pro Health Rinse- $3.49 and get $1.50 UP
$0.75 Crest toothpaste cpn- 11/28 P&G
$1 Clinical printable cpn

Colgate Total Advanced or Pro Clinical toothpaste- $2.99 and get $2 UP
$0.35 toothpaste cpn- 12/5 SS
$1 Video value cpn- Nov

Purchase $30 of the following and get $10 UP
Garnier Nutrisse or HerbaShine hair color- $5.99
$2 cpn- 12/5 RP
$3 cpn 9/12 RP
Garnier Fructis Anti Dandruff- $3.33
$2 Video Value cpn - Nov
Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner or stylers- $6/2
$1 cpn- 12/5 RP
Garnier skin care- 25% off retail
$2 Cleanser or Moisterizer- 12/5 RP

Loreal Facial Moisterizers- $13.99 and get $2 UP

Clean & Clear Skin care- $10/2 and get $2 UP

Olay facial care- $25% off and get $3 UP when you buy 2
$3 regenerist cpn- 11.28 P&G

All Nail Enamel- B1G 50% off and get $1 UP

Maybelline lip & ey cosmetics- B1G 50% off and get $5 UP when you buy $20
$2 cpn- 12/5 RP
$0.50 Video Value cpn

Loreal True Match cosmetics- B1G 50% off and get $5 UP when you buy $15

Oxi Clean, Pledge, Drano Max or Glad Trash bags- $7/2 and get $1 UP
$0.75 Glad cpn- 10/31 RP
$0.50 Glad Video Value cpn- Nov

Arm & Hammer laundry- $2.99 and get $1 UP

Green Works or Formula 409 spray- $5/2 and get $1 UP
$1 Green Works Video Value cpn- Nov

Glade candles or refills- $5/2 and get $1 UP
$1/2 Candle- 12/5 SS
$1/2 refills- 12/5 SS

Boiron Cold Calm or Chestal Honey Cough Syrup- $7.99 and get $5 SCR

Chloraseptic or Little Remedies- $3.99 and get $2 SCR and $1 UP
$1 Chloraseptic- 11/14 SS

Bufferin or NoDoz- $6.99 and get $3 SCR
$3 Bufferin cpn- 10/17 SS

Benefiber, Gas-X, Gas- X Prevention, or Exlaz- $12.99 and get $2 SCR
$1 Benefiber Video Value
$1 Benefiber cpn- 10/17 SS
$1 Gas-X cpn- 11/7 SS
$1.50 gas-X Prevention- 11/7 SS

Almay Intense I-Color- B1G 50% off and get $2 SCR
$2 Video Value cpn- Nov & Dec

Mitchum or Lady Mitchum- $7/2 and get $2 SCR

The Doctors NightGuard- $19.99 and get $10 SCR

Purex 3in1 sheets- B1G1Free and get $1 SCR when you buy 2
$1 Video Value

Magna RX- $29.99 and get $10 SCR

SlimQuick- $19.99 and get $5 SCR

Lysol Wipes- $10/2 and get $1 SCR
$1 Video Value
$1/2 cpn- 11/7 SS

Lexar or Sandisk 8GB SD card or Lexar 8GB flash drive- $39.99 and get $10 SCR

Buy $12 worth of baking items and get $3 UP:
Rite Aid foil, Domino sugar, Crisco veg oil, Diamond chopped nuts,  Nestle Toll House Morsels, Pam Cooking Spray- $6/2
$1.25/3 Nestle morsels cpn- 11/14 RP
$0.50- Nestle morsels- Video Values cpn
$0.65/2 Domino- 11/14 RP
$1/2 Crisco- 11/7 RP
$2/2 Diamond nuts- 11/7 RP
$1/2 Pam- 11/14 SS
Sun Maid Raisons, Ocean Spray Crasins, Eagle Condensed Milk, Betty Crocker Cookie mix or Rich & Creamy frosting, Jiff peanut Butter or Quacker Oats- $4/2
$1/2 Betty Crocker baking- Video Value cpn
$1/2 Jiff peanut butter- Video Value cpn
$1/2 Sunmaid raisins- 11/7 SS
$1/2 eagle- 11/7 RP
$0.40 Betty Crocker cookie mix- 12/5 GM
$1 Quacker Oats- 9/12 RP

Kraft Easy Mac, Healty Choice Mixers, DAK ham, Hormel Roast beef- $5/2 and get $1 UP

Barilla Pasta, Hunts diced tomatoes or Pasta Sauce- $5/4 and get $1 UP

Edy's Grand Ice Cream- $7/2 and get $1 UP

 7 UP or Diet 7 UP- $4/4 and get $1 UP

Iced oatmeal cookies, saltines, sugar wafers, goldfish, animal crackers- $3/2 and get $1 UP

Buy $10 worth of Candy and get $3 UP
Hersheys, Reeses, M&M or Mars mini- $4.99
Mars Single Serve- $1/2
Dentyne Ice, Trident White, Extra, Freedent, Wrigleys, Trident, Bubble Tape or Bubblicious- $2/2
$0.50 Trident Video Value

Kelloggs Mini Wheats or Raisin Bran, Kashi cereal or Nutrigrain or Kashi Bars- $5/2 and get $2 UP
$1/3 Kelloggs cereal- 11/14 RP

Folgers Coffee, Instant Coffee or Dunkin Donuts Coffee- $7.99 and get $1 UP
$1.50 Dunkin Donut cpn- 10/31 RP
$2/2 Dunkin Donut cpn- 10/31 RP

Planters Nuts- B1G1Free- Buy $15 and get $5 UP

Fragrances- $10 off Retail and get $5 UP

Duracell Coppertop Batteries- $4.99 and get $1 UP
$0.50 cpn- 11/14 RP

Pampers big pack Cruisers or Baby Dry- $18.99 and get $1 UP
$1 cpn- 11/28 P&G

Arm & Hammer Spinbrush- $4.99
$3.00/1 ProClean or Rechargeable 12/5SS
$2.00/1 Kid's Spinbrush (Thomas) 12/5SS
$1.00/1 Spinbrush Product 12/5SS

**Good Deal**
Hersheys Kisses x 2= $4
Hersheys Minis x 2= $4
Use $1/2 Kisses Video Value
Use $1/2 Hershey Minis video value
Use B2G1Free cpn 12/5 SS (-$2.00)
Pay $4 out of pocket and get $2 UP Rewards
You will end up with 4 bags of candy for $2 after the UP Rewards:)
**There is also a Reese's Video Value also, so you can sub Reese's with 1 of the above candies and have the same result**

OR for a little higher out of pocket:
Hershey Kisses x 2= $4
Hershey Minis x 2= $4
Reese's x 2= $4
Use $1/2 Kisses Video Value
Use $1/2 Hershey Mini Video Value
Use $1/2 Reese's Video Value
Use (2) B2G1Free cpn- 12/5 SS (-$4.00)
Pay $5 out of pocket and get $3 UP
It would be like getting 6 bags of candy for $2 after UPS:)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Giveaway Winners:)

I would like to thank all those of you who came to my blog and entered the giveaways we offered.  While most people may not think that getting 27 comments on one giveaway is great- I one the other hand think it is fabulous.  Since I am still known as a baby blogger, I was excited to see all the new traffic to my blog.  Thank you:)  Now for the reason you are reading this post- the winners to the giveaways.  For the giftcard giveaways, I used to decide the winning post.  For the bracelet and Tshirts, since I got low entries on these, I wrote the numbers on a piece of paper and put them into a hat and had 3 of my children draw the winners.  Drum roll please...........

I received 18 comments for the Drug Store give card.  And the winner is:  #10
Comment # 10 Maygan said: Rite-Aid, it's my favorite drug store!

I received 27 comments for the Starbucks gift card.  And the winner is: #6
Comment #6 Emily said: i LOVE iced mochas!!!!

I received 19 comments for the BRU/TRU gift card.  And the winner is: #5
Comment #5 Kathryn said: Please enter me, this would be great!

I recieved 2 entries for the Teen Bibles and since I have 2 to give away- Congrats to both of the winners:)

Kevin picking the winner # while Nathan supervises
I received 2 entries for Tshirt from Hawaii #2.  And the winner is: #2
Comment #2 Amanda said: My son would love to have a Hawaii shirt

I received 2 entries for Tshirt from  Hawaii #3.  Nathan picked the winner for this giveaway.  And the winner is: # 1
Comment #1 ACMommy said: My husband and I have been to Hawaii, so this shirt would be fun to wear to bring back memories. :-)

I received 8 entries for the bracelet from Hawaii.  Chris picked the winning # for this giveaway and the winner is: #6
Comment #6 Sarah said: my sis in law would love!!
**Sarah- If you would please send an email to and include your mailing address, I will send this beautiful bracelet out to you- thanks:)**

I will send out winning emails very shortly.  Congrats to all the winners.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Petsmart Holiday Pawtrait & Adornaments

Petsmart is hosting a free, cute holiday ecard you create using your own family and pets.  You can email it, post it to Facebook and even print it out and mail it or keep it.  Create your free ecard here.

Create a free adorable ornament here by simply uploading a picture of your cat or dog.  You can print it out and hang it on your Christmas tree and/or you can share it on Facebook or email it to all your family and friends.

Santa Claws is coming to town...

At Petsmart that is-LOL:)  Bring your pet to any Petsmart  location for a cute photo op with Santa Claws on Saturdays and Sundays.  $5 from every photo package will be donated to participating non profits.  Photo sessions will be Dec 4 & 5, 11 &12 and 18 & 19th from 11am until 4pm.  The cost of the photo with Santa is $9.95 and $8.95 for PetPerks members.  All Petsmarts are participating:)  To find your nearest Petsmart, click here.

Before making your trip to Petsmart, visit here and print out a coupon for a free individually wrapped canine Greenies chew.  A holiday gift from Greenies:)

Walgreens deals for the week of 12/5/10

B1G1Free Holiday Essentials- boxed cards, gift wrap and light sets

B1G1Free Nature Made vitamins and supplements

B1G1Free Russel Stover Chocolate with in ad cpn

B1G1Free Edy Ice Cream
$1/2 cpn- Oct All You Magazine

Skippy Peanut Butter- $1.50
 $1 cpn 11/14 RP

Wonka Exceptionals- $6/2
$1 Instant Value Walgreens cpn

Phillips Docking Station- $59.99
$10 mail in rebate

Buy 1 IDT Phone card and get 1 Free with in ad cpn

B1G1Free Walgreens Hearing Aid Batteries- $12.99

20% off photo gifts

Sylvania Appliances- $12.99
$3 mail in rebate

Sunbeam Warming Throw- $34.99
$5 mail in rebate

B1G2Free Scotch mailers

Hallmark Cards- Purchase 2- 3 cards and get $2 RR
Purchase 6+ cards and get $5RR

B1G 50% off Holiday Essentials tissue paper, ribbon, gift boxes and gift tags

B1G 50% off 70 ct light set- $5.99

Icicles or hooks- $0.39 with in ad cpn- Limit 3

Royal Jello- $1/5

Palmolive dish liquid- $0.99 with in ad cpn- Limit 3
$0.25 cpn- 11/14 SS

Christmas tumblers- $1/8- Limit 16

Taper candles- $1/4- Limit 8

B1G1Free Patriot jar candles- $8.99

Markers or Pens- $1/2- Limit 4

Christmas Pencils pr scented candy cane pen- $1/6- Limit 12

Tags, bows and tissue- $1/3- Limit 6

Christmas gift sacks- $1/8- Limit 16

Walgreens tape- $1/2- Limit 4

Paper Jamz- $19.99
Get a free Guitar Strap when you buy the Paper Jamz Guitar with in ad cpn

B2G1Free Booster Packs

$1/3 Activity books, puzzles, or books

B2G1Free Sesame Street Pop Up activity books- $0.99

B1G 50% off Zhu Zhu Pets and Accessories

B1G1F Toy Vehicles, Nerf, or Playdoh Toys

B1G 50% off Tech Deck, Hot Wheels, select building sets

B1G1Free Stuntz, UFC or WWE figures

Waterball Domes- $0.39 with in ad cpn

B1G1Free Ty Jingle Beanies- $2.99

Mini Stockings- $0.39- Limit 6

Microplush Throw- $5.99- Limit 3

No nonsense basic pantyhose- $0.79 - Limit 3

No nonsense basic knee highs- $1/3- Limit 3

B1G1Free Select Fragrances

Almay Cosmetics- 40% off retail
Buy $10 worth of Almay cosmetics and get $3 RR
$1 Almay cosmetic Walgreens cpn- found at the cosmetic counter

Revlon Top Speed nail polish- $5.99 and get $5 RR
$1 Revlon Walgreens cpn- found at cosmetic counter

B1G 50% off Kiss or Broadway Nails

B1G 50% off Eco Tools Makeup brushes

Nivea lip or skin care- 20% off
B1G1Free lip cpn- 12/5 RP
$1 Nivea Lotion cpn- 12/5 RP
Nivea bodywash cpn- 12/5 RP

Eucerin skin care- 25% off
$1 cpn- 11/7 RP

Garnier Nutritioniste skin care- B1G 50% off

Maybelline Cosmetics- 40% off
$2 Maybelline Colorsensational, Lipcolor, Pearls, Lip Liner, Lip Gloss or New York Lipcolor- 12/5 RP

Scunci hair accessories- $8/4 - buy 4 and get $3RR

Pantene, Herbal Essence or Aussie- $10/3
$1/2 Pantene cpn- 11/28 P&G
$1 Herbal Essence or Aussie- 11/28 P&G

Herbashine Hair Color- $4.99 with in ad cpn
$3 cpn 11/7 RP

Dark & Lovely or Optinum Hair Relaxer- $8.99 and get $4 RR

B1G 50% off Nexxus Hair

B1G50% off John Freida

Nivea for Men skin care- $9/2 and get $4 RR
$1 cpn 12/5 RP

Revlon Color Silk- $2.49 with in ad cpn- Limit 4

B1G 50% off Shaving products- Schick razor systems, Quattro disposables, edge, skintimate or Hydro shave gel
$1 Schick disposable razor - 12/5 SS
$1 Schick Hydra Shave Gel- 12/5 SS
$0.55 Edge shave gel- 11/21 SS
$0.55 Skintimate shave gel- 11/21 SS

Spinbrush- $4.99

B1G1Free Arm & Hammer toothpaste
$1 printable cpn

Aquafresh Advance, Extreme Clean or Ultimate White toothpaste- $1.99 with in ad cpn- Limit 3
$0.50 cpn- 10/31 RP

B1G1Free Walgreens diapers or training pants

B1G1Free Natural health supplements

B1G 50% off Walgreens baby oil, powder or wash

B1G 50% off Emergen C packets or One A Day gummies
$3 Vitacrave gummy printable cpn

B1G1Free Soft Soap liquid refill
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Dove or Caress bar soap- $0.99- Limit 3
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B1G1Free Walgreens Pain Relievers

B1G 50% off Childrens Ibuprofen, non aspirin, wal-tap or childrens plus

Digital Thermometer- $29.99
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Halls cough drops- $0.99
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Revitalens or Blink tears- $7.99
$2 Instant Value cpn
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B1G 50% off I-Caps eye vitamins
$2 cpn- 10/24 RP

Neilmed Allergy & Sinus Relief- $9.99
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Carmex or Chapstick- $0.99 with in ad cpn- Limit 3
$0.30 Carmex cpn- 11/7 SS

Cold or Sinus Relief 25% off

B1F1Free Nature Bounty, Nature Made, Walgreens Gold Seal, Flexamin, Ester C and Finest Natural supplements
$1 Nature Bounty - 11/7 RP & 11/14 RP
$5 Flex-a-min - 12/5 RP
$2 Ester C- 12/5 RP

Zegrid- 42ct- $22.99 and get $2RR

Omeprazole- 42ct- $19.99 and get $6 RR

Automataic blood pressure moniter- $49.99
$10 mail in rebate

B1G 50% off Boost 6pk drinks

Cortaid max strength- $3
$3 mail in rebate

Accucheck Aviva- $14.99
$14.99 mail in rebate in box

Hershey or Cadbury Holiday candy- $5/2
$1 Instant value cpn

B1G1Free Foster Grant Reader Glasses

CVS deals for the week of 12/5/10

Sun, Mon & Tues Only Deals
$1/2 Candy Canes- Limit 6
$4/2 M&M's 9.9oz-12.6oz- Limit 6
$1/2 Holiday M&M cpn- 11/14 RP
$3 ECB when you buy Coke 12 pack- $10/3

Regular CVS Deals
B1G1Free Zhu Zhu pets

B1G1Free Natures Bounty or Flexamin- Limit 6
$3 Flexamin cpn- 11/07 RP

B2G1Free Hershey's candy

B1G1Free Candle-Lite candles

Save $3 on Merry Brite LED light set when you trade in your old or broken light set

B1G1Free Scotch tape

B1G1Free Wrapper paper

B1G 50% off Seasons from Hallmark ornaments

B1G 50% off Seasons from Hallmary boxed cards

Sunbeam Warming Throw- $34.99 and get $5 mail in rebate

$5 ECB when you buy 2 Visa Prepaid gift cards

$10 ECB when you buy $50 worth of Petco,, L L Bean, Foot Locker, Neopets, or My Tech gift cards

B2G1Free 12 month 8X10 photo calendar

B1G1Free Kodak HD Power Flash camera

Buy a Pink Ready Frame and get the Smart Print free

B1G 50% off Scunci hair accessories

B1G 50% Conair hair brushes

$4 ECB when you buy 2 Revlon, Nailene or Fing'rs Artificial Nails

B1G 50% off Rimmel Cosmetics
$1 Rimmel cpn- 10/17 RP

$5 when you buy $15 Maybelline Eye Studio, Color Sensational Lip or Lipstain

B1G 50% off Revlon cosmetics or Beauty tools

Buy Covergirl LashBlast mascara and get Covergirl Eye Shadow single free

$2 ECb when you buy The Color Workshop Nail set, cosmetic set or make up clutch

B1G 50% off Select Women's or Men's Designer Fragrance with a retail value of $14.99 or higher- Limit 6

B1G 50% off Garnier Nutritioniste skin care

$5 when you buy $10 Tressemme products

Buy Motions, Soft & Beautiful or Just For Me Relaxer kit and get Motions Styler or Just For Me detangler free

B1G 50% off CVS acne care

$10 ECB when you buy $20 any Shick, Edge, Skintimate or Playtex products
$0.55 Edge shave gel cpn- 11/21 SS
$0.55 Skintimate shave gel cpn- 11/21 SS
$1 Playtex Gentle Glide tampons cpn- 10/03 SS
$1 Playtex Sport tampons cpn- 10/03 SS

$2 ECB when you buy $10 worth of Blades Mens Care

B1G 50% off All Dentek

B1G 50% off Colgate manual single pack toothbrush

First Response pregnanct test 2ct- $9.99 and get $2 ECB

$2 ECB when you buy Colgate Multipack toothpaste or toothbrushes
$1 Colgate toothpaste cpn- 11/14 SS

Thermacare- $13.98/2 and get $4ECB
$3 Thermacare printable cpn
$1 Thermacare printable cpn

Claritin 30ct or 24ct liquid gels- $19.99 and get $3 ECB

B1G 50% off CVS Aspirin

B1G1Free all CVS Multiple Vitamins, CVS Calium Supplements, One a day, Flinstones, Citracal or Osteo Bi Flex
$1 Citracal cpn- 10/24 RP
$1 One a day cpn- 10/24 Rp

Prilosec OTC- $24.99 and get $7 ECB
$7/2 Prilosec cpn- 11/28 P&G
$3 Prilosec cpn- 11/28 P&G

Zegrid OTC- $9.99 and get $2 ECB
$3 Zegrid cpn- 11/07 SS

Bayer Contour blood glucose system- $14.99 and get $5 ECB

Bausch & Lamb Solution twin pack or Alaway eye itch relief -$13.99 and get $3 ECB
$4 Alaway cpn- 9/12 SS

B1G 50% off Emergen C

Accu Check Aviva- $14.99 and get $14.99 mail in rebate

$10 ECB when you buy $30 worth of the following P&G products:
Cascade Action Pacs -$6.99
$0.25 Cascade cpn- 11/28 P&G
Duracell myGrid Charging Pad -$59.99
Gain Dishwashing Liquid -$0.99
$0.50 Gain cpn- 11/28 P&G
Tide Laundry Detergent -$19.99
$1 Tide cpn- 11/28 P&G
Bounce Dryer Bar -$3.99
$1 Bounce Dryer Bar cpn- 11/28 P&G
Tide Booster Pac -$3.99
Olay ProX Kit -$59.00
CoverGirl Clean Liquid Foundation or Pressed Powder -$6.00
$1 Covergirl cpn- 11/28 P&G
$2/2 Covergirl cpn- 11/28 P&G
Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste 6 oz -$6.98/2
Scope Whitening or Outlast 5.8 to 8 oz, Pro-Health Rinse 8.45 oz -$6.98/2
Glide Floss 38.2 to 54.7 yds -$6.98/2
$0.75 Glide cpn- 11/28 P&G
Olay Regenerist Sculpting Cream, Reversal Treatment Foam or Eye Derma-Pod System -$24.99
Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner-$3.74
$1/2 Pantene cpn- 11/28 P&G
Buy any Pantene product and get 12.6 oz or less Pantene shampoo free- 11/28 P&G
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor - $9.99
$4 Fusion cpn- 11/28 P&G
Gillette Venus Embrace Disposables -$9.99
Pampers Baby Dry, Swaddlers or Cruisers Diapers -$19.99
$1 Pampers cpn- 11/28 P&G

B1G1Free Lysol wipes
$1/2 Lysol wipe cpn- 11/07 SS

Get $5 off when you buy 2 HP ink cartridges

B1G1Free CVS Batteries

$3 ECB when you buy the following pet products:
Friskies Cat Food 5.5 oz
$1/15 cans Friskies cat food- 9/12 RP
Friskies Feline Favorites Dry Cat Food 3.15 lbs
$1 cpn Friskies dry cat food- 9/12 RP
Purina Tidy Cats Litter 14 lbs

Spend $25 of the following and get Shrek Forever for $4.99
Arm and Hammer Liquid Laundry Detergent 25 to 32 loads ($3.50)
Kleenex Facial Tissue Regular 110 ct or With Lotion 78 ct ($0.99)
$0.50/3 Kleenex cpn- 11/07 SS
Scott Bathroom Tissue 12 pk ($6.99)
Scott Choose-A-Size Mega Rolls 6 pk ($4.99

B1G1Free Merry Brite Lights 300ct

$5 ECB when you buy $20 worth of Nivea bw 16.9 oz, Kiss of Shine, Smoothness lip care 0.17 - 0.38oz or ALL Nivea body lotion, cream, or serum

University Medical Face Lift- $24.99 and get $10 ECB

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bath & Body Works Instant Win

Bath & Body Works has an Intant Win game where you can play to see if you instantly win 1 of 25 daily prizes or an offer.  By playing you are also entering for a chance to win a $1000 Bath & Body Works shopping spree- how fun would that be:)  You can play once a day.  The instant win game ends on Dec 24th.  Sign up to see if you win here.  Good Luck :)  Game ends 12/24/10

Toys R Us Instant Win

This is more of a scavenger hunt.  You sign up to receive a clue through your email or text, find and enter the answer and find out if you have instantly won.  Toys R Us is giving away 180 gift cards worth $25.  Hunt ends Dec 11th.  Sign up here to begin the hunt.  You can play once a day.

Bath & Body Works coupon

Bath & Body Works have released a coupon you can print out and take to Bath & Body works or if you prefer you can use it online.  The coupon is for a free item, up to $13 when you buy $10 worth of products.  Coupon is good through Dec 24th.  Print your coupon here.

I got an email yesterday for their Limited Edition Reindeer PocketBac Anitbacterial hand gel.  They are so cute and on sale for $5 for 5 bottles.  Grab 10 bottles for cute Christmas gifts and use the above coupon for something special for yourself:)  Price good until Dec 9th. 

Bass Pro Shop's Santa Wonderland

If you have a Bass Pro Shop near by, take the kids by to see their fantastic Santa Wonderland.  We love going.  Not only for the free picture with Santa that you get (beats the malls overpriced santa picture prices) but there are tons of activities to do.  When we go, the line is usually from Santa's Wonderland all the way over to the other end of the store- it is crazy.  So, one of us stands in line while the other takes the kids to do all the activities and the crafts they offer.  To get all the details and info, visit their website:)  Santa will be there until December 24th.

Chicken Beef & More specials

For all those local to me, I got an email for Chicken, Beef & More's specials this week:

Sale good through Dec 4, 2010

Chicken Drumsticks  $0.59lb

Chicken Split Breast     $1.00lb

Chicken Boneless Breast    $2.39lb

T-Bone Steaks    $5.99lb

Porterhouse Steaks    $5.99lb

Turkey Wings    $2.19lb

10lb Bucket of Chitts     $8.99

25% off the reduced Frozen section!!

Last minute sale:
Price good from 12/1 - 12/4/10

40 lb box Chicken Wings $45

I saw the Chicken legs for $0.59 lb- YEA!!!  I got excited but hadn't had a chance to head over until this evening.  I was sad to see no chicken legs but I did find a good deal so it was not a wasted trip.  I found a double tray of frozen chicken legs for $0.79lb. 

A little under $7 for a double tray of chicken legs, not bad, plus this is enough for 2 meals for my gang.  Walmart has 1 tray of chicken legs regular price $6.

To see the awesome deal I got from Chicken Beef & More the first time I visited them, click here.  I usually check them first before getting meat any where else.

Bath & Body Works Rewards Club- Registration closed**

It seems that Bath & Body Works has closed the registration on their rewards card- sorry :(

For all those who love Bath & Body Works, this is for you:) 

Bath & Body Works now has a rewards card that you can use to get free gift on the Thursday of your choice of each month just for coming in the store.  Sounds pretty sweet:)  The Bath & Body Works club is called LUV BBW Club.  It seems pretty easy to sign up to get the rewards card, that comes in the mail to you.  Just go here and fill out the easy form and your card will be in the mail.  You can also sign up to receive up to 4 texts per month from Bath & Body Works and/or emails for them as well.