Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prayers needed..... **Updated**

Update- 10/28/2011- YEA!!!  Little Robbie Woods was found alive and was reunited with his family after being lost for 6 days.  I am so glad that he has been found and that he is safe:)  Thank the Lord for listening to our prayers and keeping this sweet angel safe until someone found him.  Thank you for all your prayers:)

There is a sweet 9 yr old autistic boy who needs our prayers right now.  He wandered away from his family on Sunday, Oct 23rd at North Anna Battlefield Park near Doswell, VA.

Robert Woods, Jr has been lost in the woods since Sunday.  It breaks my heart to think of this little boy lost and not being able to find his way to the warmth of his own house and bed.  Volunteers have searched for the last 2 days and have not been able to locate him.  And not being able to talk much makes the search much more difficult.

I know in my heart that my mom is with this sweet child.  I believe that she is wrapping her arms around him keeping him safe and warm through these very chilly nights.   That is what I am praying for.  I also pray that is he found and reunited with his family.  My heart aches and I would love to make the drive to search for this little one, but without a sitter and my hubby traveling- prayer is all I have right now.  Please pray for this child and keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.  You can read more about the updates or learn how to volunteer here.

I also have 1 more prayer request....

My cousin, who is more like a sister than a cousin, lost her mother in law this morning.  The family was about told about 3 weeks ago that her mother in law was losing her battle with pancreatic cancer.  She was told that the treatment was no longer working and her doctors gave her 6-8 weeks.  Hospice was called and in and Ashley and her husband went over and spent time with her- talking with her and letting her know that it was ok to go to heaven.  Linda passed away in the early morning hours this morning.  No more treatments, no more pain- the Lord will restore her physical well being.  And she would not be alone.  My mom will be there to greet her.  Please keep Ashley and her family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time.  I know all too well the pain in their hearts but like I told Ashley, the one thing that is keeping me going is knowing that when it is your time to go and be with our heavenly father it is not goodbye- it is until we meet again:)

Peace be with you and your families:)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Shopping Day- 10/24/2011 :)

Here is what we bought yesterday.  I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet.  I hope to have a chance to take the pictures and post them tomorrow.

$0.73- Reduced bread
$0.73- Reduced bread
$1.13- Reduced hamburger buns
$3.99- Apple Cider
$2.91- Skim milk
-4.50 Free milk catalina from last weeks cereal deal
$5.23 Total with tax

$8.07- 3 gallons skim milk
$4.99- 8 lb bag oranges
$13.39 Total after tax

Dollar Tree
$2.00- 2 pkgs toilet paper
$1.00- Tootsie Pops for Nathans party for school
$1.00- Trash bags
$2.00- 2 boxes Toaster Pastries
$6.23 Total with tax

$2.99- M&M's fun size
$2.99- Reeses Fun size
$0.59- Halloween coloring book
-1.00 Walgreens in ad cpn
-3.00 RR
$2.72 Total after tax

$0.50- Skittles
$0.50- Skittles
$0.50- Starburst
$0.50- Starburst
$2.99- Right Guard
$2.99- Right Guard
$2.99- Right Guard
$2.99- Right Guard
$6.99- CVS diapers
$0.99- Candy Corn
$2.49- 4 in 1 carving tool
-14.00 ECB's
$11.10 Total after tax and got back $10.48 in ECB's:)

It wasn't until I got home and realized the cashier had given me someone else's receipt- not sure how that happened.  The register did eat the receipt tape.  I normally check the receipt before going out of the store but this time I was able to watch the prices of everything scanned.  So, I will list what I bought- I can't remember the individual prices but I know what I paid with and what I got back, so I can approximate what I spent at Walmart.
Apple Juice
Soft Tortilla shells X2
pkg of BLSL chicken breasts
BBQ sauce
Frozen corn X2
Frozen peas X2
Whole Wheat Rotini X2
Alfredo sauce
Canola spray
Peanut Butter
Total was a little less than $30- so I am going to round up to $30

These totals have been updated on my October Monthly spending post, where I keep track of what I spend for the entire month:)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Menu plan for the week of 10/24/2011

Homemade yogurt x2- Mmmmm
Strawberry Smoothies with Peanut Butter toast
Baked Oatmeal x2
Oatmeal with brown sugar

Sandwich- turkey, ham, grilled cheese, tuna or PB&J
Apple, banana or orange

Bean & rice tacos with corn
BBQ Chicken shredded on bun with fruit
Bean & salsa pasta with peas
Ramen with grilled cheese
Spaghetti with corn

Apple slices with PB

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So many apples, oh my.....

My family has spent the last 2 weeks trading icky and sick germs- so not fun.  I wanted to tell you about our apple picking adventure but didn't have the time or strength so to do since we were all sick.  Praise God, we are better now and feeling great:)

On Saturday, October 8th, we told the boys we were making a surprise trip.  They were excited and kept asking over and over, where we were going.  We stayed strong and told them they would see when we got there.  It took us about an hour and a half to get to Carter Mountain Orchard and then it took 30 minutes just to get up the long, steep driveway.  But it was so worth it. 

The view was magnificent.

We had packed our lunch and did not see picnic tables so we ate in the van.  The boys still didn't have any clue what we were doing.  After we ate, we got a couple of plastic bags so that the boys would have their own bags if they wanted.  Even though, daddy and I carried the larger heavier tote bags we brought with us. 

This orchard is so huge and amazing.  They have about 10 different varieties of apples to pick.  I had no clue there we so many different kinds.  The orchard said that we could sample the apples while we were picking them.  They asked that we not be wasteful.  The boys ate 1 apple of every kind and found that they enjoyed almost all of them.

We all had a blast picking apples and the boys had fun climbing in the trees.  We were also told that we had to get some apple cider donuts.  There was a crazy long line but the wait was so worth it.  The apple cider donuts were divine and melted in your mouth- Mmmmmmm. 

It was a long fun filled day and it was even educational for the boys:)  We went to pay and realized that we definately had way too much fun picking apples as we had accidentally picked 27 pounds of apples- oh my. 
My brain starting thinking of all the things I could do with all these apples- applesauce, apple butter, apple crisp, etc. 

It wasn't until I got home that we realized we had no clue what apple was what kind.  Some are not good for making applesauce.  Well, no fear- the boys have been eating apples every chance they get.  We went from a massive pile of apples to just fitting in the crisper in the refridgerator.  We gave a couple to my dad and some to the young ladies at the gym.

If you are ever in the Charlottesville, VA area, I highly recommend you visit Carter Mountain Orchard- you will not be disappointed:)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Shopping Day- 10/17/2011

I am so happy that I am feeling so much better:)  I am still a little congested but not as bad as I was feeling.

Here is my shopping trip from Monday: Pictures coming soon

$6.38- 2 boxes Chocolate Cheerios
$3.39- Reese's Puffs cereal
$3.09- Brownie Crunch cereal
$2.00- 5 lb bag potatoes
$2.92- 4 loaves markdown bread at $0.73 each
-1.00/3 GM cereal
-4.00 GM cereal promotion when you buy 4 boxes GM cereals
$13.05- Total after tax plus I got a catalina for a free gallon of milk

$12.00- Boneless skinless chicken
$1.98- Frozen corn
$0.98- Frozen green beans
$2.56- 2 frozen OJ
$1.57- Bananas
$2.80- 10 cups Ramen
$1.28- Coffee filters
$2.88- 2 coffee creamers
$1.25- Egg noodles
$0.94- Spaghetti sauce
$2.42- Cocoa powder
$1.00- Whole Wheat spaghetti
$1.32- Tissues
$33.87- Total after tax

$10.76- 4 gallons skim milk
$1.00- M&M's fun size for little Michael for being so good:)
$12.46- Total after tax

Dollar Tree
$1.00- Popcorn
$1.00- Pretzels
$2.05 Total after tax

These totals have been updated on my October Monthly spending post, where I keep track of what I spend for the entire month:)

Menu Plan for the week of 10/17/2011

Cereal x 3
Giant Breakfast cookies
Baked Oatmeal x 2

Boys lunches for school:
sandwich, apple, sliced cucumbers or carrots and popcorn

Lunch for baby & I:
sandwich,  popcorn & banana or apple

Spaghetti with corn
Baked Italian chicken, baked potatoes and green beans
Stuffed Shells with peas and homemade bread
Tuna slop with peas
Homemade hashbrowns, eggs and sausage
Ramen with grilled cheese

Apple slices with peanut butter
Cucumber slices with ranch dressing

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Shopping Day :)

I am so happy that my kids are no longer sick- YEA!!!!  Unfortunately, they for what ever reason felt the need to share their germs with me.  I am happy that I seem to have a much less strain of what they had- but none the less- it still is no fun.  I have been taking Vitamin C drops and drinking alot of water.  I am starting to feel better.  I need to get better as we are heading we are heading down to NC tomorrow for my sister-in-laws wedding.  I would love to enjoy the wedding and reception without feeling like a truck has run over me:)

Here is our shopping trip from 10/10/2011:
$2.72- 2 frozen Welchs juice
$0.98- frozen peas
$1.98- frozen corn
$4.00- 2 bags shredded cheese
$2.44- 2 pkgs tortillas
$3.76- 4 cans spaghetti sauce
$1.50- Bananas
$3.68- Cat food
$1.24- 2 cans tuna fish
$2.00- 2 boxes whole wheat spaghetti
$2.97- cat litter
$1.00- box small shell pasta
$1.97- dish liquid
$5.97- Diapers
$37.48 Total with tax


$5.00- 2 boxes Honey Nut Cheerios
$1.19- Kelloggs Corn Pops markdown
$3.99- Walgreens 5 blade razor
$0.87- Starburst markdown
-1.00- Honey Nut Cheerios IVC in store cpn
-2.00 RR
-7.00 RR
$1.43- Total with tax and got $3 RR back :)


$0.73- Markdown bread- not pictured- it was used to make the boys lunches for the week
$1.09- loaf of bread
$1.87 Total with tax


$2.99- Kroger White Whole Wheat flour
$2.69- Gallon skim milk
$5.82- Total with tax

Dollar Tree
$2.00- 2 pks bath tissue
$2.00- 2 boxed trash bags
$2.00- 2 pkgs Scooby Doo snacks
$2.00- 2 boxes popcorn
$1.00- Tissues
$0.50- card
$9.88 with tax

These totals have been updated on my October Monthly spending post, where I keep track of what I spend for the entire month:)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Menu Plan for the week of 10/10/2011

This is going to be a short week as we are leaving on Friday and driving down to North Carolina to watch one of my beautiful sister in laws get married:)

Strawberry Smoothies made from Homemade Yogurt- Yummy:)
Homemade Yogurt, PB Toast and apple slices
Homemade Granola cereal
Baked Oatmeal
Pancakes & Apple slices

Boys lunches for school:
sandwich, apple, sliced cucumbers or carrots and popcorn

Lunch for baby & I:
sandwich,  popcorn & banana or apple

On Friday, we will be having a picnic lunch on the way down to NC

Bean & rice tacos with corn
Goulash & green beans
Bean, salsa, cheese pasta with peas
Pancakes or leftovers

Cucumber slices
PB crackers

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Monthly Spending for October

Here is where I will keep a list of our spending for the month of October.  Lets see if I can do any better than last month's spending- even though I didn't do too terribly bad in September :)  Remember our monthly budget is $400 for everything including animal food for our family of 6 and 2 pets, not too mention our 2 bird feeders outside.  Lets see how much under budget I can get for this month.

$16.86- Kroger
$9.33- Dollar tree
$1.76- Martins
$62.97- Walmart

$37.48- Walmart
$9.88- Dollar Tree
$5.82- Kroger
$1.87- Martins
$1.43- Walgreens

$13.05- Martins
$12.46- Kroger
$33.87- Kroger
$2.05- Dollar Tree

$30- Walmart
$5.23- Martins
$13.39- Kroger
$6.23- Dollar Tree
$2.72- Walgreens
$11.10- CVS

$277.50- Running Total

My Shopping day:)

Sorry no pictures for these shopping trips.  With little Michael not feeling well, just trying to do anything has presented quite the challenge.

Here are my shopping trips from 10/03/2011

$10.76- 4 gallons of skim milk
$4.00- (2) 18ct eggs
$1.69- half gallon of whole milk marked down
$16.86 Total after tax

$1.00- bread
$0.73- bread on markdown
$1.76 Total after tax

Dollar Tree
$2.00- 2 bags Mexican shredded cheese
$1.00- bag frozen strawberries
$1.00- Scooby snacks- so cute
$1.00- Egg noodles
$1.00- Zip sandwich bags
$1.00- Sandwich bags
$1.00- Freezer bags
$1.00- hairspray
$9.33 Total with tax

$1.98- Mild sausage
$0.98- frozen green beans
$0.98- frozen peas
$2.56- 2 frozen OJ
$2.24- lunchmeat
$3.00- Kraft cheese slices
$1.84- 2 pkgs butter
$2.28- Heavy whipping cream
$2.44- Ketchup
$1.00- Rotini
$8.32- honey
$2.88- Peanut Butter
$1.00- Cream mushroom soup
$3.18- decaf coffee- Yea for fall and hot yummy coffee:)
$2.38- Cinnamon squares cereal
$1.00- mints
$0.92- 2 pkgs taco seasoning
$5.86- football tee
$2.68- Bananas
$7.74- case of baby wipes
$5.97- diapers
$62.97 Total after tax

These totals have been updated on my October Monthly spending post, where I keep track of what I spend for the entire month:)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Menu plan for the week of 10/03/2011

Sorry for the lateness of this post.  Little Michael has caught Nathan's icky virus and has been so clingy and cranky, preventing me from doing anything I need to get done.  While I love the cuddling, I wish it was under better circumstances.  I had the rare opportunity to lay him down- so I have to be quick and type this up fast before he wakes up and realizes that mommy is not holding him.

Here is our menu plan for this week:

Homemade yogurt
Baked Oatmeal
Breakfast cookies
Egg sandwiches
Homemade Granola cereal

Boys lunches for school:
sandwich, banana, sliced cucumbers or carrots and popcorn

Lunch for baby & I:
sandwich,  popcorn & banana

Chicken Aldredo over pasta with green beans
Stuffed Shells with corn & homemade bread
Tuna Slop & peas
Pancakes with fruit
Baked sausage ziti with green beans & homemade bread
Taco bean, rice & cheese with corn

Snooby snacks- Cinnamon graham crackers in dog bone shapes found at Dolar Tree
Homemade Granola bars