Monday, July 30, 2012

Menu Plan for the week of 07/30/2012

Hope your week is quiet and calm.  I am praying my week goes alot better than it has.  Nathan came down with a high fever, body aches and a headache a few days ago.  He was so miserable and trying to get him to take Tylenol or Motrin was very interesting all in itself.

Nathan was so kind to pass his germs onto little Michael.  Little Michael had a fever but can't really tell us if anything hurts.  And of course, he went from a sweet loving nice medicine taking child to Nathan's non medicine taking self.

To make things even more interesting, Chris came down with a high fever, body aches and a splitting headache.  The fun never ends around here.  I am glad that Chris can swallow pills with no problem.

We are hoping and praying that it ends with them- no more sick- please go away.  I NEED some sleep.  I have been up with my boys in the wee hours of the morning.  I love my boys and will do whatever it takes for them to get better, even if that means staying up half the night.  But please boys, please get better~ I am so much nicer when I am well rested:)

Here is our menu plan for this week:

PB Pancakes X2
Baked Oatmeal with Apples X2
Homemade yogurt with strawberries from the freezer blended in
Egg Sandwiches
Scones or as Nathan calls it Cinnamon Pizza:)

Sandwich, banana and popcorn

Chicken Alfredo pasta with corn- this homemade Alfredo sauce is amazing:)
3 Cheese garlic chicken pasta with green beans
Bean & Rice tacos with corn on the cob
Pancakes with homemade syrup and fruit
Baked Pasta with peas and carrots
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chicken Veggie Quesidillas with corn on the cob

PB crackers
Apple slices
Celery with PB and raisins
Carrot sticks

Saturday, July 28, 2012

CVS deals for the week of 07/29/2012

Don't forget to....
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Pantene- $6.97/2
$3/2 Pantene cpn- 07/29 P&G
$1/2 Pantene cpn- 07/01 P&G- EXPIRES 07/31/2012

Aussie or Herbal Essendce- $6/2 and get $1 ECB
$1/2 Aussie or Herbal Essence cpn- 07/01 P&G- EXPIRES 07/31/2012
$1 Aussie or Herbal Essence cpn- Red CVS Coupon Center box

Dawn- $0.99
$0.50 Dawn cpn- 07/29 P&G
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Always Infinity, Radiant pads, liners or tampons or Tampax Pearl- $6.99  and get $2 ECB
$2 Always Infinity cpn- 07/29 P&G
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$2 Tampax Pearl, Pearl Compaq or Radiant cpn- 07/29 P&G
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Crest ProHealth rinse or Whitening- $4.99 and get $1 ECB- Limit 2
B1G1Free Crest Rinse cpn- 07/29 P&G

Oral B Cross Action Power Brush or refills- $5.99 and get $2 ECB- Limit 2

Nice & Easy foam- $7.99 and get $2 ECB
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Nice & Easy or root touch up- $5.99
$3 Nice & Easy cpn- 07/29 P&G
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Suave deodorant- $0.99
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Dove bodywash- $6
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Nivea bodywash or scrub- $12/3 and get $4 ECB

Carefree liners- $0.99
$0.50 Stayfree, Carefree or OB cpn- 07/29 RP
$0.50 Carefree cpn- 07/22 SS

Accu-Check Nano- $9.99
$10 Accu-Check Nano cpn- 07/29 P&G

Mentos or Mentos gum- $5/2 and get $2 ECB
$1/2 Mentos bottles cpn- 06/03 SS- EXPIRES 07/31/2012

Kelloggs Fiber Plus bars, Frosted Flakes, Corn Pops or Raisin Bran- $1.99
$1/3 Kellogg's Krave, Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, Froot Loops, Corn Pops or Frosted Mini Wheats little bites cpn- 07/29 RP
$1/3 Kelloggs cereals cpn- 06/24 RP- EXPIRES 08/05/2012

Coppertone sun care- $8.99 and get $2 ECB
$5/2 Coppertone cpn- 06/24 SS- EXPIRES 07/31/2012
$1 Coppertone cpn- 06/24 SS- EXPIRES 07/31/2012

Nestle or Mars Singles- Buy 1 Get 2nd for $0.25
$0.75/20 Nestle crunch singles or Crunch Girl Scout candy bars cpn- 07/08 SS
B1G1Free Skinny Cow singles cpn- 07/29 RP
B1G1Free Skinny Cow singles cpn- 07/29 SS- EXPIRES 07/31/2012

**This is not the entire CVS ECB sale items- these are some of the great deals I spotted in the upcoming CVS ad.**

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our DC trip Part 9

Today was Sunday, the last day of our DC trip.  We had so much fun, we didn't want to see it end but on the other hand we were eager to get home back to our own beds.  I will definitely miss someone else cooking me breakfast.  But I am also eager to get home and get cooking some healthier foods:)

Every chance we got, the boys begged to go to the pool.  Spending all day walking in the hot sun- the pool was so refreshing.  Even on days, we were so tired, the boys somehow found the energy to swim.

Here are some great pictures of all my boys in the pool:

My little ones swimming all by themselves:)  Look how proud they are

He thought the floaties needed more air- so cute

This was our life guard at the pool.  He is visiting from the Ukraine and working here for the summer.  He was shy at first but after talking to him- he warmed right up:)

I hope you have enjoyed our trip to DC through pictures.  We had a great time, learned alot of new things, and got alot of fresh air.  We also got tons of exercise for the time we were there between walking and swimming:)  The boys are now trying to convince us we need a pool:)

In case you missed the beginning:

Garden Update

I just realized it has been some time since I last blogged about our garden.  Our garden was going good- still had some growing to do.

We went away on vacation and my mother in law came over to water my garden only to be presented with well issues.  Evidently, the switch for our well decided that my garden didn't need any water.  And because of that the front part of my garden died :(  I was sad but my garden can be replanted.

I went to the place I originally bought my plants and they had no more plants.  I found a place that recently opened near our home and they not only had vegetable plants but a buy 1 get 1 free sale going on.  I was able to replace most of what died in our garden and more.  Unfortunately, my strawberry hanging plants can no longer be purchased- strawberry season is over.

Something told me to water my strawberry hangers anyway- so I have and this has popped up:
I see green life in midst of all the brown
We have planted in our garden grapes vines, tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, green peppers, lilac peppers, zucchini, squash, various melons and watermelons, cucumbers and egg plant.  This is our first year planting lilac peppers, zucchini, squash and egg plant- so we will see how it all turns out.

Here are some pictures of our garden~ Enjoy:)
Our whole little garden

Beautiful green pepper


Melon & Watermelon patch



Our strange looking watermelon looking much like a cucumber

I am loving the look of our garden.  Can't wait to see what grows:)

Do you have a garden?  What kind of things are growing in your garden?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our DC trip Part 8

Day 8 was Saturday.  The boys are all having fun learning and enjoying all the museums.  Plus the pool at the hotel was a huge hit.

We decided this day to drive out to Dulles Airport to visit the Air & Space Museum over there.  Our Metro tickets expired and we didn't want to try to have to find a parking garage in DC that was affordable.  The Air & Space Museum in Dulles is free- YEA but the parking is $15.  Still cheaper than parking at the zoo.  Michael, my hubby was super excited with the museum- he was telling all about his favorite planes.  I never realized he knew so much about planes.  They also had an observation tower, where you could see planes landing at Dulles Airport.

Here are some pictures of this day:
Michael's favorite plane

Space Shuttle Discovery

Nathan in the Observation Tower

Plane landing at Dulles
As you can see, we had a great time.  We didn't want it to end but on the other hand, our beds at home were super comfy and we had animals that we missing up like crazy.

Come back tomorrow to see the great pool pictures I took of my boys.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our DC Trip Part 7

Our 7th day in Washington DC was Friday.  We walked to the Bureau of Engraving and  Printing to be told you needed a ticket.  Well, the tickets were free and were being distributed behind another museum.  So, we rushed over only to find out that they were all given out for the day- bummer.

Since, we were over in that part of Washington DC we decided to take a stroll over to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial- not on our itenaray but oh well.  Neither Michael nor myself had ever gone to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial- so away we walked.  Wow- what a walk but so worth it.

Here are some pics from this day:

From the Thomas Jefferson Memorial , we walked over to the Air & Space Musuem.  The boys all had a blast at the Air & Space Museum.

I thought this was neat- it is the Electromagnetic Spectrum in stained glass

Wright Brother's plane
We are having so much fun in DC and learning so much.

Come back tomorrow to see where our last full day in Washington DC took place.

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My Shopping Day~ 07/23/2012

Here are my shopping trip details:

Dollar Tree
$1.00- Freezer Pops
$1.00- Magnifying bug keeper- Nathan's chart prize for summer homeschool
$2.08 Total with tax

$0.84- Reduced Honey Wheat bread
$1.09- Reduced wheat bread
$1.93- Total with tax

$2.04- Cereal for Nathan

$2.50- Aussie shampoo
$2.50- Aussie conditioner
$2.99- Crest with Scope toothpaste
$2.99- Crest with Scope toothpaste
-1.00/2 Aussie or Herbal Essence cpn- 07/01 P&G
-1.00/2 Crest toothpaste cpn- 07/01 P&G
-8.00 ECB
$1.53 Total with tax and got back $5 ECB's :)

$5.54- (2) gallons skim milk
$1.00- WW Spaghetti
$3.97- (3) lbs gala apples
$1.23- (2.50) lbs bananas
$0.98- Ketchup
$0.94- Spaghetti sauce
$0.50- Parsley flakes
$3.92- (4) bags frozen bags of green beans
$0.97- AAA Batteries
$19.55- Total with tax

Well, did we make it without going over our budget?  Pop over to our July Spending post, where I log everything we buy for the month, and see how we did.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lowes Build & Grow Clinic 07/28/2012

Mark your calendars, Lowes is hosting a Build & Grow Clinic for July 28, 2012. And if you are unable to make it on Saturday, Lowes just announed they will be hosting the same Build & Grow Clinic on Sunday, July 29, 2012.

If you are looking for a great free activity that you can do with your kids- you should check out the Lowes Build & Grow Clinics. Michael and Nathan love them. They love being able to do hands on projects with our help.

This Saturday and Sunday, Lowes Build and Grow Clinic will be building a Kung Fu Panda Stacking Friends.

To sign up for this Build & Grow Clinic simply go to the Lowes Build & Grow Clinic website, which they have redone to make it more user friendly. I am loving this new website. You register all your information. Then when you visit the website to sign up for an upcoming clinic, all you have to do is sign in and check which kids you are signing up. Don't forget to print and sign the waiver. And you and your child(ren) are ready for a really cool hands on project.

Once you and your child(ren) complete the project they will receive a neat patch to put on their Lowes Build & Grow apron. If this is your first clinic, your child(ren) will receive a free Lowes Build & Grow apron and goggles:) The more clinics you do, the more patches you get to put on your kids apron and they can show them off with pride:)

Menu Plan for the week of 07/23/2012

We had a great time this weekend with family in NC.  This morning, things are back to crazy normal.  Nathan had a doctor's appointment this morning.  A crazy thought entered my head- why not take Nathan to his doctor's appointment and then take him to the store?  Yes, that sounded like a great idea.  I was reminded why I usually leave him at home when I go to the store.  If I had a nickel for everytime he asked how many stores we had left- I would have a lot of nickels:)  Oh my:)

Today consisted of taking him to his doctor's appointment- all is well, he is healthy.  After his doctor's appointment, we took him to Toys R Us to spend his birthday money and then the shopping began.  He was super happy with the toy he picked out and paid for but not shopping with his mother- go figure:)

Here is our menu plan for this week:

Giant Breakfast cookies x2
Banana Bread X2
Homemade yogurt
Strawberry smoothies

Sandwich, carrots and popcorn

BBQ chicken legs, Augratin potatoes and green beans
Bean & Rice tacos with corn
Spaghetti with peas and rolls
Scrambled eggs, toast and fruit
Baked Chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans
Salsa chicken over rice and corn
Chicken rice casserole with brocolli

Celery with PB and raisins
Carrot sticks
Apple slices

Giveaway winners

Thanks to all who entered the Dry Idea and Purex coupon giveaways.

The winners are:

Dry Idea coupon goes to Helen~ Radiodisneyfan@


Purex detergent coupons go to:
Ashley ~ hewella1@

Congrats to you all.  If you could send me an email with your mailing address, I will get the coupons right out to you:)  Send email to:

Thanks and have a blessed week:)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

**Giveaway Reminder**

Don't forget to enter to win:

A coupon good for a FREE Dry Idea deodorant- enter here.


A coupon good for a FREE bottle of Purex Triple Action detergent- enter here.

Both giveaways end are being extended until 07/22/2012 at 11:59:59pm EST.  Winners will be picked using and will be announced on my blog on Monday 07/23/2012.

Our DC trip Part 6

Good morning:)  This morning is turning into a busy one as I multi task.   I have a load of clothes in the washing machine, am bagging up cupcakes to put in the freezer while we are gone- that I never had a chance to frost- sorry Nathan and writing this blog post all while packing. 

So excited, today is the day we are leaving for our in laws.  We get to spend a weekend with my in laws, sister in laws and their families.  It is always great seeing everyone- we always have a blast.

I wanted to write this blog post about our 6th day of our trip before we left today.  So, here goes:

Since the 4th of July was so jammed packed, some wanted to stay at the hotel and rest.  But we wanted to make the most of our trip and our Metro passes, which we thought was a 7 day pass- well, it actually was a 7 day pass but we missed the part where it said 7 consecutive day.  And since the 7 day passes are not cheap, we figured we should get our moneys worth.  So, we decided to go to the zoo.

The little ones love the zoo- they love the animals.  This summer for our summer homeschool trial, Kevin and Nathan were asked to pick and research an animal for our trip.  Nathan picked a cheetah and Kevin picked a Galapagos Tortoise until he found out the library didn't carry many books at all on Galapagos Tortoises.  He decided to change his animal to the Tiger- much more info at the library.  We also found out that little Michael loves pandas.

Here are some highlights from the zoo:

There was so much to see and do at the zoo.  We left the zoo later than we wanted to but we got to see and do all the zoo had to offer.  A few of the exhibits are closed for renovations, so we will definitely have to go back when they get everything fixed and renovated:)

Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend.  Come back Monday to continue our journey:

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our DC trip Part 5

This day was July 4th.  We have never been in Washington Dc on the 4th of July~ we had no clue the journey we were about to embark on.

The metro wasn't bad at all.  We had a smooth ride to our stop.  We walked over to the The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, only to be greeted by yellow police tape and a small note taped to the door explaining that they were closed due to the 4th of July holiday.  That would have been nice to put on their website but no biggie.

We had other plans also.  So, we walked to the National Archives.  The closer we got to The National Archives the more people we saw.  We  had no clue that a parade was about to come down the street.  We missed most of it as we were standing in the longest line I had seen in DC so far.

Here is what we saw while waiting in line~ I am standing on a wall to take this picture:
In front of us

Behind us
 I have never seen this amount of people in DC before.  Thankfully, we have packed our lunch the night before and ate our lunch while standing in the 2 hr line in the hot hot sun.

But the wait was so worth it.  We got to see the original Declaration of Independence, the original Bill of Rights and the original Constitution.  The guards were impressed that little Michael at 2 yrs old, told them that was the Constitution- so proud.  Unfortunately, we were unable to take pictures.

I highly recommend the next time you are in Washington DC to stop by the National Archives- just don't go on the 4th of July unless you like waiting in a super long line.

We left The National Archives and went back to our hotel and got ready for our next adventure.  We packed up the van and drove to my dad's house and packed up all my Scentsy stuff I had left there.  I didn't want to leave all my Scentsy stuff at the hotel.  A good friend of my family invited us to their 4th of July cook out and wanted to have a Scentsy party also. It was great seeing Dave and Cheryl and catching up.  They had bought some very cool fireworks.  We found out that little Michael is not fond of the noise of fireworks and wanted to go back to the hotel.

We left there and drove back to my dad's to drop all my Scentsy stuff off and to drive back to the hotel, where we settled in our air conditioned room for the night.  Ahhhhh- air is good:)

Come back tomorrow to see where our travels took us.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our DC trip Part 4

On our 4th day in DC, we wanted to finish up the American History Museum and go to the Butterfly garden in the Natural History Museum, which just happened to be free on Tuesday:)

Everyday while in Washington Dc, we packed our lunch at the hotel the night before and found a nice shady, grassy area to eat.  Little did we know about our lunch visitors, which made it really hard for the little ones to sit and actually eat.
Here are some pictures of our adventures on this day:

 The Butterfly Garden at the Natural History Museum:

We had a blast and are enjoying our trip to DC.

Come back tomorrow to see what our plans were for the 4th of July:)

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My Shopping Day~ 07/16/2012

Yesterday, I was a mama on a mission.  Yesterday, was Nathan's birthday and I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Luckily, we attended the Lowe's Build and Grow event in our area on Saturday and I knew that Kroger still had milk on sale.  Since, we were in the area we decided to pop into Kroger and Martin's on Saturday.  That helped lighten our load yesterday.

Here are the details to our shopping trips:

$9.52- (4) gallons skim milk
$2.76- (4) dz eggs marked down to $0.69
$2.49- Chocolate PB cereal
$15.18 Total after tax

$0.54- Mark down bread

Dollar Tree
$1.00- Dish detergent
$1.00- Toilet cleaner
$1.00- Flowers
$1.00- Cold Stone Jelly Belly jelly beans- special treat for hubby
$4.18- Total after tax

$0.99- Birthday candles
$2.49- Chocolate PB cereal for special yummy project
$5.49- Whole Chicken
$9.22- Total after tax

$0.54- Reduced bread
$0.84- Reduced Honey Wheat bread
$1.38- Total after tax

$0.98- Frozen green beans
$1.98- Frozen corn
$1.98- Frozen peas
$0.98- Frozen green beans
$0.98- Frozen green beans
$2.32- Lunchmeat
$4.00- Pizza cheese
$1.17- Bananas
$1.48- Sour Cream
$0.78- Brown rice
$0.98- Vanilla
$2.28- PB
$1.68- Grape Jam
$0.98- Tortilla Chips
$4.14- Yeast
$3.24- Quick Oats
$2.68- Apple Juice
$33.32- Total after tax

This shopping trip has been added to our July Monthly Spending post, where I keep track of what we spend for the month of July.

Menu Plan for the week of 07/26/2012

Yesterday was a wild and crazy day.  It was Nathan's birthday.  I cannot get over how fast time is flying.  It seems when you are young, time seems to go by so slowly and when you are older, time seems to fly by.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day.

All our boys are growing so fast.  Nathan turned the big 08 yesterday.  He is so excited to be able to get out of his booster seat.  Along with it being Nathan's birthday, I had to go grocery shopping plus Nathan had a dentist appointment yesterday afternoon.  Needless to say, I was running around yesterday trying to get every thing done.  I actually had forgot about Nathan's dentist appointment and had this crazy idea that I would get a chance to bake his super special birthday cupcakes yesterday.  Well, that didn't happen- I didn't even make dinner yesterday.  Thankfully, we used our Papa John's gift cards and points to get 4 large pizza's for $14.90.  Plus, we still have pizza leftover- guess what's for dinner tonight- LOL:)

Today, I need to get busy and bake Nathan's birthday cupcakes as well as some other things around the house that need to get done, plus packing.  We are heading down the see my inlaws this week and celebrating Nathan's birthday again.

Here is our short menu plan for this week:

Strawberry Bread X2
Chocolate Chip pancakes
Oatmeal with honey and raisins

Sandwich, carrot sticks and banana

Pizza for Nathan's bday
Leftover Pizza and other leftovers to clean out fridge before we leave
Chocolate Chip pancakes
Dinner with inlaws Thursday - Saturday

Apple Slices
Celery with PB and raisins- Ants on a log:)
Carrot Sticks

What do you have on your menu plan for this week?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Homemade Syrup

What good is making pancakes if you don't have super yummy syrup?  We love this recipe- it is super easy to make.  I usually make it while I am cooking the pancakes.  When we are done eating our pancakes, I store the leftover syrup in a quart size canning jar in the refrigerator for next time.

Warm Homemade Syrup

1 3/4 C Sugar
1/4 C Brown Sugar
1 C Water
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp maple flavoring
1/2 tsp butter flavoring

Combine sugars and water in pan on stove.  Heat until boiling.  Cover and let boil for 1 minute.  Cool for 10 minutes and add vanilla, maple and butter flavorings.  Stir and enjoy this warm, delicious, yummy pancake syrup.  For our size family, we double the this recipe so that we have leftover syrup for future pancakes, waffles, french toast, etc.

Our family's favorite pancake recipe

Here is our family's favorite pancake recipe:

4 C Flour- we use White Whole Wheat Flour but you can use any flour you have on hand
6 tsp baking powder
2 tsp salt
4 Tbsp sugar
2 eggs
4 C milk
6 Tbsp oil

Combine all ingredients in bowl.  Mix well.  Cook on griddle and enjoy:)  Sometimes for a special yummy treat we add in 1 C chocolate chips.

I also want to let you know that I use this recipe for our family of 6 with leftovers for breakfast the next morning.

These pancakes taste heavenly with our homemade syrup:)

Our DC trip Part 3

Day 3 for us was on Monday.  We have power, we have air, we have working hair dryers and most importantly we have hot coffee:)  We were starting off on good vibes.

We decided to go to the American History Museum today.  We got on the free shuttle with the most awesome shuttle driver ever, Justus.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of him with little Michael.  Justus was so sweet and made friends with little Michael.  If you asked little Michael, who we were going to see today, he would answer you and it was the same answer everyday we asked~ "I'm going to see my friend Justus."  It was so sweet.

We hopped on the shuttle to the metro. 
There was so much to do at the American History Museum, we couldn't fit it all into 1 day.  We did as much as we could. 

Here are some highlights from that day:
Dorothy's Red Slippers

Scarecrow hat and boots

1600's guitars

Nathan as President of the United States:)

Really cool looking chess set
We had lots of fun exploring the museum.  Learned lots of cool things~ like did you know that in the original Wizard of Oz, Dorothy's Slippers were not red? 

Come back tomorrow to see where we went the next day.

In case you missed the beginning: