Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Our Shopping Day~ 10/11/2017

Another Wednesday night shopping adventure for us :)  I must admit I like going to the grocery store on Wednesday evening.  The stores are not crowded, which makes for an easy and quick trip for us :)

Here are our shopping trip details:

Dollar Tree
$1.06- Measuring Spoons

Sam's Club
$3.28- Crushed Tomato

$0.98- Mushrooms
$2.98- Maple Extract
$2.93- Cream Cheese
$1.78- Celery
$0.76- Bananas
$1.16- Roma Tomatoes
$2.94- Spinach Kale Mix
$2.24- Chocolate Rice Cakes
$5.83- Dove Shower Foam
$1.34- Taco Sauce
$4.44- Apple Cider Vinegar
-5.83- Dove Shower Foam mailer cpn
$21.90- Total

$7.52- Frozen veggies X8
$5.99- BLSL Chicken
$1.99- Almond Milk
$6.95- Chicken Thighs X2
$3.24- Grapes
$2.66- Bananas
$1.19- Cucumber
$0.85- Crackers
$1.49- Brown Rice
$1.89- Canola Oil
$0.99- Baking Powder
$0.39- Salt
$1.19- Onion Powder
$1.19- Garlic Powder
$1.89- Kettle Chips
$1.39- Nacho Chips
$1.49- Tortilla Chips
$0.94- Eggs X2
$3.32- Bread X4
$1.59- Bagels
$1.78- Lettuce
$0.89- Ranch dressing
$0.89- Italian dressing
$0.89- Croutons
$1.29- Honey Mustard
$1.29- Tomatoes
$0.98- Cucumbers
$56.16- Total

This trip will be included in our October Spending Post.  Our October Monthly Spending post is where we document what we spend for this particular month.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Our Menu Plan for the week of 10/16/2017

How was your weekend?  We had a nice and not so busy weekend :)

Here is our menu plan for this week:

Overnight Oats with fruit X2
Waffles with fruit X2
Banana Bread with fruit X2
Bagel with fruit
Banana PB Oats for me

Banana PB Spinach Smoothie for me
Sandwich with carrots, apple slices, blueberries and grapes for everyone else or leftovers

Chicken Mushroom Orzo with green beans
Taco Tuesday with carrots
Chili with cornbread
Homemade Egg, Sausage and Cheese Biscuits with fruit
Leftover Chili and cornbread
Homemade Pizza
Soup, Grilled Cheese and carrots

Snacks and Desserts
Tortilla Chips with salsa
Oatmeal Raisin Bites
No Bake Vegan Energy Balls
Chocolate PB Nice Cream
Rice Cakes with PB
Celery with PB and raisins

Friday, October 13, 2017

Walgreens deals for the week of 10/15/2017

Things to keep in mind when shopping at Walgreens:
1) You must have as many items as manufacture's coupon
2) Register Rewards (RR) are considered manufacture's coupons
3) You are allowed 1 manufacture's coupon and 1 store coupon per item
4) When redeeming a Register Rewards against the same offer may not receive another RR
5) 2 coupons can be used with Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Sales :)

Check out Walgreens Coupon Policy here:)

Walgreens has a program called Balance Rewards. You earn points you can later redeem. Click here to read more about this program.

Ziploc- $5.50/2 and get $1.50 RR

Black Forest, Trolli or Now & Later- $1.99 and get $1.99 RR

Bic disposable razors- $5.99~ Spend $15 and get 3000 points
$2 Bic disposable razor cpn- 10/15 SS

Clairol Nice N Easy or Root Touch Up- $14/2
$5/2 Clairol hair color cpn- 10/15 RP

CVS deals for the week of 10/15/2017

Don't forget to....
1) Go to cvs.com/email and sign up for the ExtraCare email and receive a $4/20 cpn
2) Stop by the Red ExtraCare coupon center and get CVS cpns
3) You can use a manufacturer's cpn along with a CVS cpn
4) You can use a B1G1Free cpn along with a B1G1Free sale to get both products for FREE

To view CVS Coupon Policy- click here:) 

Hershey snack size- $9/3
Use $3 CVS Coupon Center cpn
$1.50/3 Hershey snack size cpn- 10/15 SS

Mars Chocolate fun size- $9/3
Use $2 CVS Coupon Center cpn
$2/3 Mars snack size cpn- 10/08 RP
$2/3 Mars Halloween cpn- 10/08 RP
$2/3 Mars Halloween cpn- 09/10 RP

Tide Simply Clean- $2.94
Use $1 CVS App cpn
$1 Tide Simply or Bounce cpn- 10/15 SS

Spend $15 on Crest ProHealth and get $7 ECB- Limit 2
$2 Crest Whitening Therapy, 3D White Brilliance, 3D White Luxe, ProHealth Advanced or 2 step toothpaste cpn- 10/08 RP

Spend $12 on Cover Girl and get $4 ECB
$2 Cover Girl face cpn- 10/08 RP
$1 Cover Girl cpn- 10/08 RP

Spend $10 on Physicians Formula and get $7 ECB
$4 Physicians Formula cpn- 10/15 SS

Spend $10 on Almay and get $3 ECB- Limit 6

Spend $15 on Loreal eye, lip, foundation, powder, blush or concealer and get $5 ECB

Xtra- $1.49

Tide Pods, Gain Flings, Bounce or Downy- $4.94
Use $1 CVS App cpn
$1 Tide Simply or Bounce cpn- 10/15 SS
$2 Gain Flings cpn- 10/08 RP

Spend $15 on Total Home Household Paper

Spend $15 on Krave Jerky or BarkThins and get $5 ECB

Spend $10 on Wet N Wild and get $5 ECB- Limit 3

Spend $10 on False lashes or Kiss nails and get $3 ECB

Spend $12 on Sally Hansen and get $5 ECB

Gliss hair care- $10/2
$5/2 Gliss hair cpn- 10/01 RP
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Gliss hair cpn- 10/01 RP

Irish Spring body wash or bar- $3.99 and get $1 ECB
$1 Irish Spring body wash cpn- 10/15 SS
$0.50 Irish Spring bar cpn- 10/15 SS

Softsoap hand soap or bar- $5/2 and get $2 ECB

Spend $15 on Vaseline lotion or gel oil and get $5 ECB

Colgate Total rinse or Optic White rinse- $5.99 and get $2 ECB- Limit 2

Spend $10 on Listerine or Reach and get $5 ECB- Limit 2

Spend $15 on Revlon and get $5 ECB- Limit 6

Colgate toothpaste- $3.49 and get $2 ECB- Limit 2
$0.50 Colgate toothpaste cpn- 10/15 SS

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Come Along With Me............

As I take you with us and show you what we did last week :)

Last week was the week of all weeks.  We have all been there.  Everything seems to break at the same time and nothing goes the way we wish it would.  That was our week last week :(

Let's start with our microwave.  We had no clue how old this microwave truly was.  It came with the house.  And of course, it dies right when I am trying to defrost ground beef for dinner.  Ugggg :(  No worries.  I know plenty of people that don't have a microwave on purpose.  We suddenly discovered just how much we really do rely on our microwave.  Thankfully, we only needed to go without for a week.  Something I was waiting on finally arrived and allowed to be able to purchase a microwave :)

I now know why people pay Lowes $115 to install their microwave.  We decided that we could do it ourselves.  Oh my!!  What a pain that was.  The new microwave is bigger than the old microwave.  Meaning hubby had to undo and install the new bracing and make a new hole in the top for our over the stove microwave.  A few hours later and Voila~ we now have a working microwave and a kitchen filled with sawdust.

We have a working microwave and all is right again~ or so I thought.  Somehow something happened to trip our outside water breaker and we had no water :(  Called hubby who had just left for work.  Poor guy turned around, came home and fixed the problem and went back to work.  I am thankful that it was an easy fix.  We just had the water guys out a few weeks ago to fix what the hurricane broke and that repair had a few dollar signs in front of it :(  We are happy that we didn't have to call them to come back out.

Now we have a working microwave and we have water :)  The boys were all excited to go to Toys R Us for the Hatchimal event.  We were running a few minutes late and by the time we got there they had already hatched the Hatchimals.  We missed it :(  The boys were kind of bummed but got a goodie bag.  I know what Hatchimals are but had no clue that they are marketed towards girls.  My boys were the only boys there and Toys R Us had gone to town with pink tablecloths and decorations.  We kind of felt out of place.

One of the reasons we were late to the Toys R Us event was that we made a pit stop to our church's Thrift Store to drop off a trunk full of stuff we no longer needed.
Luckily our week had some good in it.  We made it to the Menchie's Buy 1 Get 1 Free Event~ Mmmmmmm :)
After our Toys R Us event, we walked over to Party City and looked at the giant wall of costumes:

Thankfully, little Michael saw something that he really wanted to be and it fit into our Halloween costume budget :)

Even though we had some ups and downs, we made the best of it and are now ready to get back to normal.  Or at least our version of normal :)

Do you ever have days like this? Please tell me I'm not alone :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Toys R Us In Store Events

Toys R Us will be hosting a My Little Pony Friendship Festival Event on Saturday October 14th from 1-3pm.
At this event, you can participate in a Make & Take Friendship Festival Banner, coloring activity sheets, temporary tattoos and you can get a FREE Exclusive Friendship Festival poster just for attending.

Toys R Us will also be hosting Bricktober Week 2 on Sunday October 15th from 1-3pm.
At this event, you can build and play with Legos.  You will also receive a Free Spider-Man Comic for attending this event.

Both Toys R Us events are FREE but they do ask that you register your child for these events.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Our Shopping Day~ 10/04/2017

Wednesday evening shopping has become my favorite time to go grocery shopping.  We dropped Nathan off at church and off we went to see how much shopping we could get done before having to pick him up.  Thankfully, this trip was short and sweet and we were able to get everything :)

Here are our shopping trip details:

Dollar Tree
$1.00- Parchment Paper
$1.00- Popcorn
$2.06- Total

$0.77- Bananas
$1.88- Bagels
$2.65- Total

$0.94- Eggs X2
$1.89- Kettle Chips
$2.49- Bread X3
$5.95- Broccoli X3
$5.99- BLSL Chicken
$2.58- Carrots X2
$3.78- Apples X2
$1.99- Almond Milk
$1.79- Soy Sauce
$1.98- Pineapple Chunks X2
$1.19- Fig Bars
$1.79- Chocolate Chips
$1.49- Brown Rice
$1.89- Green Peppers
$1.99- Hummus
$1.59- Rice Cakes
$1.49- Tortilla Chips
$40.81- Total

$23.46- Cat Food

This trip will be included in our October Spending Post.  Our October Monthly Spending post is where we document what we spend for this particular month.