Monday, August 30, 2010

New to Rite Aid????

I thought I would put together some deals for those who don't have any Up Rewards to roll over and wish to spend little out of pocket.

Deal #1- Colgate toothpaste- Max White or Max Fresh- 2/$3- use (2) $0.75 printable cpns- pay $1.50 and get $1 Upreward

Deal #2- Tide Stain Release duo gel pack- 18ct- 5.99- use $3 cpn from Sundays paper & $1 Up Reward from deal above- pay $1.99 and get $1 Up Reward

Deal #3- Nivea Mens bodywash- $3 x 2= $6.00- use $3/2 printable cpn & $1 Up Reward from deal above and pay $2.00 and get $2.00 Up Rewards

Deal # 4- Nivea Lip Care- $2.99 x 2= $5.98- use $2/2 printable cpn & $2 Up Reward from deal above- pay $1.98 and get $1 Up Reward and submit for $1.99 Rite Aid rebate

Deal #5- Pantene Beautiful Lengths- $4.00- use $2 cpn from Sundays paper & $1 Up Reward from deal above- pay $1 and get $2 Up Rewards

In the end, your total out of pockets expenses are $8.47 and you will have $2 Up Rewards and will submit for $1.99 rebate- making your total $4.48

Also, I wanted to add a super awesome Rite Aid deal on Butt Paste diaper rash cream- on sale $3.99- you can get a Video value cpn for $3 and there is a $2 manufacters cpn in the 4/11 SS inserts - you can add this to any of the scenarios above to lower your out of pocket :)

And lets not forget the Gain dish detergent on sale for $0.89 - use the $1 cpn from Sundays paper to make this item free :)

Awesome Shopping day continued....

Sorry for not finishing my post from last night.  The baby has not been sleeping through the night and I was so exhausted.  So, I am continuing now....

After leaving Rite Aid, I drove over to CVS, where I purchased the following:
Honey Nut Cheerios 2pk- $7.99
Philips Earbuds- $6.99
Subtotal: $14.98
             - $7.99 ECB
             - $4.00 ECB
             - $2.00 ECB
Total with tax: $1.54
I received $4 ECB and $6.99 ECB - YEA!!!

I left CVS and drove across the street to Martins and bought a 35pk of water for $3.99
Went over to Kroger and bought 2 cantaloupes (on sale for $0.99 each) and Kroger yellow cheese- also on sale for $0.99- total $3.02 and received a catalina for a free dozen eggs on my next order :)

Last but not least drove over to Walmart, where I purchased my groceries for the week for $49.21

My normal grocery budget is $100/week to feed my family of 6 including 2 eat me out of house and home teenagers- LOL.  I am challenging myself to come in under the $100 mark each week.  So far I am off to a great start.  Lets see how long I can keep it up :)

Rite Q & A's

Rite Aid is becoming one of my favorites drug stores to shop at.  What other stores let you use 3 coupons on 1 product?  None in my area.  Rite Aid allows you use a manufactures coupon along with a Rite Aid store coupon along with a Video Values coupon- how cool is that? 

I am going to attempt to answer your questions on how to save money at Rite Aid:

How do I get started? It is so easy and simple to get started saving money at Rite Aid- your first step is to find your nearest Rite Aid and ask the cashier for a wellness+ rewards card.  A wellness+ rewards card is a plastic card that you use to get the advertised price in the circulars- if you ever forget your card at home you can tell the cashier your phone number and still get the discounts.  The card also tracks your purchases and you get different rewards for shopping at Rite Aid.  Once you get your card, register it online and you will be allowed to print a $5/$25 purchase coupon.  To get more information or register your card online, visit here.

What is Video Values?  Rite Aid now lets you print off coupons from their site for watching short videos.  To learn more about the Rite Aid Video Value coupons, please visit here and watch a video which explains the whole process. 

What are Up Rewards?  Up Rewards are coupons that print on the bottom of your receipt for purchasing specific items.  If you look in your weekly circular you will see the different products you can buy and the Up Rewards that that specific product will produce.  You can treat your Up Rewards just like cash and can use as many as you would like- Please be aware that Rite Aid will not give you cash back for your Up Rewards.  I try to use as many Up Rewards as I can to get my balance as close to $0 as possible without going over. 

What is a Single Check Rebate?  Not only can you save money with Up Rewards some products also qualify for a Rite Aid Rebate.  Rite Aid allows you to submit your receipt information online for the whole month and then request 1 check at the end of the month.  To learn more about Single Check Rebates, visit here.

If you have any other questions, please send an email to  and not only will I do my best to answer your questions, I will also include them here for other to read and learn from.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Awesome shopping day :)

Todays shopping day was an awesome one.  I was able to get quite a few really good deals.

At Rite Aid, as you can see from the picture above, I did pretty well.  Here are my deals for today:

Rite Aid
Transaction #1
Gain dish detergent- $0.89
Tide Stain Release- 18 ct- $5.99
Nivea Mens bodywash- $3.00 x2= $6.00
Colgate Fresh Max toothpaste- $1.50 x 2= $3.00
Nivea Lip Care= $2.99 x 2= $5.98
Purex 3in1 Laundry- B1G1F- $8.99/2
Total: $30.85
Coupons I used:
$5/$25 purchase
$1.00 gain dish- todays paper
(2) $3 Purex 3in1 laundry sheets
$3.00 Tide Stain duo- 18ct+ - todays paper
$3.00/2 Nivea bodywash
(2) $0.75 Colgate Max White or Max Fresh
$2.00/2 Nivea lip care product
$3.00 Up reward
Total: $6.35
+       $0.99 tax
-       $4.69- single check rebate check
         $2.65- total out of pocket
I also received $7.00 in up rewards and will be getting $1.99 rebate for Nivea lip and $1 rebate for Purex 3in1 laundry sheets

Transaction #2
Pantene Beautiful Lengths Conditioner- $4.00
Boudreauxs Butt Paste- 3.99
Purex 3in1 laundrey sheets- 2/$8.99
Total: $16.98

Coupons I used:
(2) $3 Purex 3in1 laundrey sheets
$3 video value Butt Paste cpn
$2 Butt Paste- 4/11 SmartSource
$2 Pantene Beautiful lengths- todays paper
(2) $1 Up Rewards
Total: $1.98 + $0.85 tax= $2.83 out of pocket
I received $2 up reward for the Pantene purchase

Not too bad- for $5.48 out of pocket, I was able to purchase everything in the picture above and received a total of $7 in up rewards and will get $2.99 in rebates

If you are not familiar with Rite Aid- you are probably asking yourself what in the world are video value coupons, up rewards and Single Check rebates.  I will go over all of that information tomorrow, plus I will fill you in on the rest of my shopping day.