Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 2017 Challenge Update

For the month of April, I have challenged myself to not eat any junk food.

The first week was hard and then things started coming around the 2nd week.

So how did I do for the 3rd week?

Anybody want to guess what happened the 3rd week of April?

Easter happened :(

My mind said I can be strong.  I am not going to eat any of this chocolatey goodness.  Remember keep your goal in mind.  We are trying to losing weight.  You can do this.  My hand said Nice Try~ not going to happen.  My taste buds said MMMMMM so worth it.  My tummy said Ouch :(

If you hadn't guessed I didn't do so well this week.  I was so weak.  It was like my hand had a mind of its own.  Every time I walked past the candy bucket, my hand reached in without me having to think about it.  It unwrapped the candy and stuffed it in my mouth.  By the time my brain figured out what was going on, my taste buds were already in LaLa land :(

I can't imagine why I haven't felt well this week.

I finally said enough was enough and hid the candy bucket.  Even though I know where it is.  I don't see it numerous times through out the day.  If I want candy, I have to go an extra step to get into it.  By that time, my brain has a chance of talking me out of eating any.  I think I will ask the Easter Bunny to hop right on past our house next year LOL :)

I am keeping my fingers crossed that next week will be better.  I am tired of not feeling good :(

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