Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Our Shopping Day ~ 04/15/2017

When we did our 3 week shopping trip last week, I realized that we could not buy the Spinach Kale Mix in advance.  It would go bad so that is 1 thing that we will need to buy on a weekly basis.  Now, going in to a grocery store for 1 item doesn't always work out for me.  That is why my 2 week trips go so well and save me money~ it keeps me out of the store.

So how did I do going to the store for 1 item?

I did quite well.  I didn't look around.  I went into Walmart and immediately turned left to the produce department.  I found the Spinach, Baby Chard and Baby Bok Choy Mix and grabbed it.  This is where most of my plans fall apart.  I took the spinach mix directly to the self check out.  I kept my attention on the registers.  I didn't even go to a regular register~ they have yummy candy.  I paid for my 1 item and hurried out of the store before temptation could hit.  It was my fastest shopping trip to date :)  And I went to the store all by myself.  I could have totally busted my budget by going alone.

$2.94- Power Greens Mix

This trip will be included in our April Monthly Spending Post.  Our April Monthly Spending Post will be where we document all we spend over the course of the month.

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