Thursday, March 16, 2017

Come along with me....

As I show you what we did over the weekend of our No Spend Month :)

The boys were super excited with the assembly line that we made to make our cookie mix bags.  I had gotten the idea from Fake it Frugal to make these super cute cookie mixes.  That way all we have to do is dump the bag and the 3 wet ingredients in a bowl, mix, bake and enjoy :)
We made 4 of each: Brownie, Chocolate Chip cookies, Oatmeal Cookies and Sugar Cookies :)

They are so good.  I won't tell you how many baggies we have already made and devoured :)

Remember those pool noodles we had sitting in the garage?
Hubby and I, with the help of Pinterest have come up with some really cool ideas for all those pool noodles.  It has tested our patience.  Have you ever tried to duct tape a pool noodle together?  Definitely a 2 person job and even that doesn't hold sometimes.  While we are working on our creation, we set this for the boys to enjoy while they wait:
We gave them a soccer ball and had them go in and out each noodle.  That worked for a while.  Then they decided that they wanted to run through them and they wanted us to time them.  What a great way to tire them out :)  Even the next door neighbor's son thought it was the coolest thing ever :)

We stayed at home and had a great time.  I can't wait to show you next week's stay at home projects and to see how far we have come with our pool noodle creation :)

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