Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Our Shopping Day~ 03/19/2017

I have really been enjoying doing our grocery shopping every 2 weeks and making do with what we have on hand.  Since we already did our 2 week shopping last week, we were not due for another trip.  We have plenty of food to last us for this week.  However, I noticed a few items at CVS that were a really great price that we could use.  I also received an email from Walgreens last month stating that if I didn't make a purchase in the next 30 days my points would expire. I have $5 in points that we decided to use.  Since we only had $0.76 left in our HBA budget and $6.54 left in our grocery budget, we decided to use part of our leftover grocery budget to cover the overage instead of borrowing from next month's HBA budget.

Here are our shopping trip details:

$8.00- Herbal Essence conditioner X3
-5.00 in points
$3.48- Total and got $3 RR

$3.99- Colgate mouthwash
$3.99- Colgate mouthwash
$1.98- Arm & Hammer laundry detergent
-2.00 Colgate mouthwash printable cpn
-2.00 Colgate mouthwash printable cpn
-1.00 Arm & Hammer detergent printable cpn
-3.00 ECB
$2.56- Total and got $4 ECB

This trip will be included in our March Monthly Spending Post.  Our March Monthly Spending Post will be where we document all we spend over the course of the month.

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