Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Our Shopping Day~ 03/11/2017

My oldest son wanted to come grocery shopping with me on Saturday but he had to work in the afternoon.  My solution was to get up early so that we could get to the store right when they opened.  Then we would be back in plenty of time for him to get to work.  I get up super early, get ready and eat only to learn that he stayed up way to late and is now bailing on me :(  No worries.  I was ready to go by myself but my hubby volunteered to come with me so I wouldn't have to go alone :)

Here are our shopping trip details:

Dollar Tree
$1.06- Floss Picks

$2.93- Cream Cheese
$3.54- Avocados X3
$0.94- Sub rolls
$7.41- Total

$3.56- Eggs X4
$3.49- Ham lunchmeat
$1.99- Almond Milk
$2.19- Creamer
$6.05- Frozen Veggies
$3.49- Tilapia
$1.29- Mushrooms
$3.96- Blueberries X4
$3.96- Strawberries X4
$4.76- Grapes X2
$0.99- Mac & Cheese
$1.19- Onion Powder
$1.19- Italian Seasoning
$1.69- Alfredo Sauce
$2.39- Oats
$2.27- Bananas
$10.13- Chips
$2.79- Lemons
$2.99- Granny Smith Apples
$5.18- Red Apples X2
$2.99- Baby Watermelon
$1.70- Hamburger buns X2
$3.40- Bread X4
$3.18- Bagels X2
$76.82- Total

This trip will be included in our March Monthly Spending Post.  Our March Monthly Spending Post will be where we document all we spend over the course of the month.

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