Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's at the Dollar Tree Wednesday?

For this Dollar Tree trip, I knew I wanted to seek out something new.

That is when I saw this:

The Dollar Tree equivalent to the Space Bag :)

Anyone remember the 1990's Space Bags?  I can still remember the commercials and thinking that they were just the coolest things ever.  My mother didn't feel the need for this purchase, so I never got to see if they really worked or not.  Plus if my memory is correct, I don't think you could buy just 1 bag, I think you had to buy a whole set.

When I saw the Essentials Vacuum Storage Bag, I just knew I needed to try them out.  Plus I have a couple of items that were my moms that I don't want anything to happen to.

So here is how it worked for me:
I took the vacuum storage bag out of the bag
I placed my mom's handmade throw and the beautiful shawls that she had into the bag and zipped it up
Place the vacuum nozzle on the valve and watch the magic
Voila!!  I now have a flattened bag of handmade items that are now protected from dust and other critters :)
I am in love.  I am now scouring the house for other things I "need" to preserve :)  I will definitely be buying more of these.  Plus with all the air sucked out, they can be stored more easily.  The only down side I can see to these bags are that so far I can only find them in 1 size- Large.

In my opinion, the Essentials Vacuum Storage Bag is a definite win :)

Anyone else try these?  How did it work for you?

Tune in next Wednesday to see what I find next :)

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