Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What's at the Dollar Tree Wednesday

After learning that I have no wrapping skills and like to bag gifts going out to friends, another item that I buy frequently at the Dollar Tree:
Cards :)

If you have a received a card from me, it was more than likely purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Whether you are looking for birthday, get well, sympathy, humorous, holiday cards, etc, take a look at the Dollar Tree.  They have quite the assortment.  At $0.50 a card, you cannot beat the price.
Look at this $2.25 card that I got for $0.50- WOOHOO :)
If you are looking specifically for American Greeting cards, Dollar Tree has them also for $1 a card.  Which is still a fabulous price.  My hubby cannot get out of Walmart with out paying at least $5 for 1 card- YIKES.

Tune in next Wednesday to see my thoughts for a product that we have never used before :)

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