Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Our Shopping Day~ 02/20/2016

I took advantage of Chris's morning shift to do some grocery shopping :)  We only had 4 stores and the Farmer Market to visit so it didn't take that long before we were back at home unloading our haul :)

Here are the details of our shopping trip:

Save A Lot
$1.58- Mini Carrots
$2.99- Potatoes
$4.57- Total

Winn Dixie
$2.00- Bread
$6.00- Ground Sausage
$5.72- Grapes
$13.72- Total

Sam's Club
$4.58- Milk
$9.97- Cat Litter
$4.78- Eggs
$19.93- Total

$1.76- Bagels
$2.98- Almond Milk
$2.98- Almond Milk
$3.92- Frozen veggies
$3.00- Cream Cheese
$1.38- Orange Juice
$2.48- Acetaminophen
$3.98- Men Vitamin
$0.98- Ibuprofen
$1.98- Grape Jam
$5.00- Popcorn
$5.96- Canola Oil
$2.38- Dark Chocolate Chips
$0.92- Ketchup
-0.75 Silk printable cpn
-0.75 Silk printable cpn
$38.20- Total

Farmer Market & Co Op purchases
$27.00 for Lettuce, Bananas, Strawberries, Apples, Mushrooms, Lemons, Zucchini and Cucumbers

This shopping trip has been added to our February Monthly Spending post, where I keep track of what we spend for the month of February.

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