Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What's at the Dollar Tree Wednesday

Last week, we discovered that I was the world's not so greatest gift wrapper :)  Which brings me to my next favorite Dollar Tree item:
Gift bags :)  My Dollar Tree has a whole wall of gift bags.  Normally, if I am giving a present to someone outside of my family, they will receive it in a gift bag complete with tissue paper, that I also got from the Dollar Tree :)
And the best part, the amount of bags you get for $1 depends on the size.  Larger bags are $1 each, while smaller bags like the one pictured above, I got 3 bags for $1 :)

You cannot go wrong with gift bags from the Dollar Tree for all your non wrapping needs, they have bags of all colors, sizes and occasions :)

Tune in next Wednesday to see what my next favorite Dollar Tree item is :)

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