Thursday, February 4, 2016

Saturday Family Fun Adventure

For this Family Fun Adventure, we decided to stay at home.

The boys still wanted to have a picnic lunch- no problem.  We spread out a blanket and had our picnic lunch on the living room floor.

After lunch, we couldn't play just an ordinary game of Connect Four
 We had to play Bean Boozled Connect Four.
Anyone know what Bean Boozled is?  In case you don't, Bean Boozled are jelly beans with a twist.  They have fun flavors like Buttered Popcorn, Caramel Corn, Lime, Coconut, etc.  They also have quite interesting flavors such as Rotten Egg, Moldy Cheese, Skunk Spray, etc.  You have no clue what flavor you are getting until you bite in :)

The way we played was 2 players played Connect Four and the winner not only got to choose 2 beans but he/she also got to choose which 2 had to eat it :)  Boy did the boys gang up on mommy and daddy.  I have never had so many interesting flavors before :)

After this oh so interesting game, my poor tummy couldn't take anymore jelly beans.  We decided to work on some puzzles.

They actually helped each other :)

After puzzle time, I was challenged to a Skylanders Super Chargers race.
I am not good at this game and lost big time :)  You should have seen my trying to figure out the controllers~ LOL :)  We all had a great time.

We finished up the gaming portion of our Saturday Family Fun Adventure with some Trouble.
After getting beat at Trouble, I went and made pizza for dinner.  The boys picked out Honey I Shrunk the Kids for our movie night, which finished up our Family Fun Adventure.

We all had a blast and really enjoyed our day with out leaving the house except to take Christopher to work.  We are definitely going to have schedule more of these type of Family Fun Adventures :)

I can't wait to see where our next Family Fun Adventure takes us :)  Hopefully, far away from Bean Boozled :)

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