Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What's at the Dollar Tree Wednesday

Looking back at any of my Shopping Day posts, you will see that I regularly shop at the dollar tree for about a handful of items each month.

I have been seeing a lot of amazing Dollar Tree hauls and noticed there is so much of the Dollar Tree I am missing.

I challenged myself to take a deeper look into my local Dollar Trees.  I am very lucky we have 3 close to where we shop :)

Instead of listing all the items I currently buy at the Dollar Tree in 1 post, I thought it might be fun to turn this into a little What's at the Dollar Tree Wednesday series.  I will include not only items I currently love to purchase at the Dollar Tree, but items that are new to me.  I thought it would be neat to test out these new to me items and give you all my honest opinions on them.

The first thing on my love to purchase at the Dollar Tree is:
Wrapping Paper.  One of the Dollar Trees I visit has a ton of wrapping paper.  Not only do they have what you see in the picture but they have boxes of wrapping paper on the other side of the aisle.

They have wrapping paper for all occasions.  And for $1 it is one of my most purchased items, especially near Christmas time :)

When I need wrapping paper, the first place I head is the Dollar Tree and I usually find a suitable wrapping paper for what it is I am attempting to wrap :)  I am not the most elegant gift wrapper :)  It is a great thing that most people just rip the paper off and don't care what the wrapping job looks like.

Tune in next Wednesday to see what my next favorite Dollar Tree item is :)

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