Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Our Shopping Day~ 05/13/2017

We got a bulk of our groceries two weeks ago, so we didn't need much :)  Plus, we only had $35 to spend.

So, let's see what we got:

$1.19- Onion Powder
$1.19- Oregano
$1.19- Garlic
$1.19- Italian Herbs
$3.00- Lemons
$4.77- Bagels X3
$3.40- Bread X4
$1.38- Eggs X2
$1.18- Carrots
$2.19- Creamer
$2.98- Strawberries X2
$3.98- Blueberries X2
$3.49- Green Apples
$4.29- Ice Cream Tub
$35.42- Total

This trip will be included in our May Monthly Spending Post.  Our May Monthly Spending Post will be where we document all we spend over the course of the month.

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