Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Our Shopping Day~ 05/06/2017

We had our weekend planned with some much needed yard work.  We had no plans other than getting some things done around the house.  We had hedges that needed a much needed trim and bushes that had gotten so wild that they were setting off our security lights :(

The boys helped with the yard work.  They may have been bribed with a Menchi's trip :)

Everything was going great until we opened the PetSmart box.  We have the cat food and litter sent to us through PetSmart's autoship program.  We not only get a discount, get free shipping with no minimum purchase :)  We received the cat food but no the litter.  PetSmart informed us that the litter was out of stock.  So, having no plans to visit the store suddenly changed.  But not for grocery items, we just needed to pick up cat litter.  It was a quick and easy trip.  We took the boys to Menchi's to enjoy their frozen yogurt treat and then headed to Walmart to pick up cat litter while PetSmart figures out how long it is going to take to get the cat litter in stock.

Here are our shopping trip details:

$6.34- Cat Litter

This trip will be included in our May Monthly Spending Post.  Our May Monthly Spending Post will be where we document all we spend over the course of the month.

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