Saturday, May 20, 2017

Good News~ Not so Good News

I have some awesome news and I have some not so good news.

Which would you like first?


Let me start with the good news :)

My family is gearing up for a super secret adventure.  I can't say what it is because the boys don't know what it is.  They only know that we are going on a super secret field trip :)  We are so super excited for this adventure.  We have been counting down for a while.

Now for the not so great news :(

I am going to be so busy with our super secret adventure that I will not be able to blog for 2 weeks :(

I will miss you all but I will return in June :)  At that time, I can fill everyone in on our super secret adventure with lots of pictures :)

We hope you are your family have a wonderful and safe 2 weeks :)

See you in June :)

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