Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 2017 Challenge Update

My May goal was to not eat after 8pm.  How has it been going?

The first week was hard.  With the longer daylight hours, we have been outside past 8pm.  We would come in, have our meds and dessert and not even realize it was after 8pm.

To help with this, I have set an alarm on my phone.  It goes off right at 8pm.  When it goes off, the boys know it is pill time and I know that I can't have anything else to eat.  When I get hungry after 8pm, I drink water.  That helps a lot :)

By 9pm, I get the boys ready for bed.  By the time they finally drift off to sleep and I can quietly escape their room, it is 10pm and I have forgotten all about being hungry :)

When I get up, I start my day with warm lemon water.  I then get the boys breakfast ready.  After that it is 8am and time for me to eat :)

So far so good :)

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