Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January 2017~ 30 Day Challenge Update

My 30 day challenge for January has come to an end.  My challenge was to eat a healthy lunch?  How did I do? 

I did great and even lost 1 pound :)

I'm happy about my 1 pound lost and super happy that I kept it off all month :)  My tendency is to restrict snacks and desserts.  I end up losing a few more pounds but then those super sneaky sugar cravings come around.  I give in :( 

Now it would be one thing if I could eat a few pieces of chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth.  But not me~ I will eat the whole bag and undo all my progress I had made.  I get so frustrated with myself and usually give up.  I not only gain back the weight I lost but those pesky pounds bring friends :(

For January, I gave myself grace to not get upset at the number on the scale or that the scale was not moving past that 1 pound.  I let myself enjoy desserts, especially the huge cheesecake sampler hubby got me for my birthday. Mmmmm:)  I gave myself permission to enjoy every single bite.

I call January a huge win.  My body has enjoyed all the fresh fruit I have been feeding it.

I can't wait to get started on my February 30 Day Challenge :)

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