Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What did I find at the Dollar Tree??

Everyone processes stress differently.  What do you do when you are stressed out, worried or nervous?  I must keep moving to keep my mind off what ever is bothering me.  Recently, I have turned my worry and nervousness into cleaning :)

When at the Dollar Tree I found these and thought they might be helpful in my cleaning:

I wonder how these will work compared to that of the name brand products?  I had the perfect place in mind.  I had some doors and walls in the hallway that needed some attention.

Let's see how it did.  The before pics:
Mark on door- it appears to be pen
Something on the door frame.  Not sure what.
Mark on wall.  Not sure if pen or Sharpie :(
After wetting the Quick Erasers and scrubbing these areas, the after pics:
The marks are all gone~ YEA!!!!  I was pleasantly surprised how well these Quick Erasers worked.  I ended up going through 2 of them working on the rest of the hallway :(

I will definitely being purchasing more of these Scrub Buddies Quick Erasers from the Dollar Tree.  And I ended up getting 3 in the package for $1~ Sweet :)

Can't wait to see what my next Dollar Tree find will be :)

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