Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our Shopping Trip~ 06/18/2016

After the fun trimming mishap, Chris and I decided to run to the store and let hubby stay home and rest :)

Here are our shopping trip details:

Save A Lot
$3.99- Gallon of Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Winn Dixie
$4.50- (6) dozen eggs :)

Dollar Tree
$3.00- Frozen fruit for my overnight oats
$2.00- AAA & AA batteries
$5.12- Total

Sam's Club
$2.29- Milk
$3.98- Vinegar
$6.27- Total

$2.98- Cashew Milk
$2.94- Frozen veggies
$2.48- Creamer
$2.78- Pita Bread
$2.48- Green Tea bags
$1.38- Graham Crackers
$1.98- Chocolate Chips
$2.38- Dark Chocolate Chips
$0.96- Marshmallows
$1.96- Hershey Chocolate fun size 12 pack
$1.94- Paper Towels
$24.49- Total

Farmer Market & Co Op Purchases:
$17.00 for Apples, Bananas, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Avocado and Grapes

This shopping trip has been added to our June Monthly Spending post, where I keep track of what we spend for the month of June.

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