Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What's at the Dollar Tree Wednesday??

This week I went with:

Puzzles :)

This was a hard buy for me.  A few years ago, if you had of asked me about Dollar Tree puzzles, I would have told you not to bother.  They would have made my top 10 What Not to buy at the Dollar Tree list.  The puzzle pieces were awful :(  They were bent, curled and did not fit correctly.  If you got all the pieces, consider your self lucky.

I decided to re try them and see if the quality got any better.

I am so happy to report that these Dollar Tree puzzles are great.  The pieces were not only all there but they were flat and got put together smoothly.  I am so happy about these puzzles.  Our Dollar Tree has a nice big selection of puzzles to choose from.

I am giving Dollar Tree puzzles a Thumbs Up :)  I see more puzzles in our future :)

Tune in next Wednesday to see my next Dollar Tree find :)

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