Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 2016 Monthly Spending

Here is where I will keep a list of our spending for the month of March.  This month is going to be just like last month as far as we budgeted our spending.  We are still budgeting $400 for this month.  We are very blessed hubby got more in commission than expected.  We decided to use $100 just for Farmer Market and Co Op purchases.  We did amazing last month and had $62 left over.  I can't wait to see how we do this month :)

$2.00- Save A Lot
$13.44- Publix
$17.65- Winn Dixie
$81.83- Sam's Club
$99.34- Walmart

$0.42- CVS
$1.79- Save A Lot
$2.00- Winn Dixie
$9.36- Ada's
$20.14- Walmart
$41.86- Sam's Club

$1.06- Dollar Tree
$5.50- Winn Dixie
$14.56- Walmart
$18.34- Save A Lot
$22.89- Sam's Club

$2.00- Save A Lot
$4.58- Sam's Club
$4.99- Publix
$11.90- Walmart

$2.00- Save A Lot
$4.58- Sam's Club
$14.41- Walmart

$396.64- Running Total

$3.36- Left to Spend

$112 out of $100 for Farmer Market and Co Op Purchases

We came in just under budget for grocery purchases but went over with Farmer Market and Co Op purchases- oops.  Luckily, we have some money left over from past months to fall back on when we go over :)

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