Thursday, March 31, 2016

Our Saturday Family Fun Adventures

Our Family Fun Adventure took us to the Children's Museum of Naples also known as C'MON :)

When we arrived, we discovered 2 floors of fun stuff to do.  We decided to go to the 2nd floor and work our way down.  When we got upstairs Nathan discovered this area:
Curious Kids for ages 8-14 and No Parents Allowed.  Nathan had so much fun.  While he was discovering the Curious Kids area, we discovered these:
Keva blocks.  I have never heard of these thin stackable Keva Blocks before. We had a blast making a bridge and when Nathan got done with the Curious Kids area, he helped us with our building project.  These blocks are incredible.  If you go to the C'MON Facebook page, you can see the pictures of the incredible things people have built with these amazing blocks.

We went downstairs and had a blast with the space exhibit:

Hubby even had a blast geeking out making a paper rocket which they got to "blast off" :)
The boys even went "fishing" and caught some interesting fish and even an alligator :)
There was so much to do and see that we ended up not being able to do everything.  We will definitely be coming back to discover the rest of the museum.  We accidentally discovered 3 scavenger hunts hidden in the museum.  The boys are making plans to go back and do the scavenger hunts.

After the museum we headed over to the Naples Zoo, saw the new exhibits and went on the Primate Cruise:

We used our Red Robin gift cards to have dinner and ended up at our favorite Italian Ice & Ice Cream place for dessert.  What a way to end such a great day :)
We had such a blast on our huge Saturday Family Fun Adventure Day.  We can't wait to see where our next Adventure takes us :)

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