Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What's at the Dollar Tree Wednesday??

This week, I decided to compare a Dollar Tree item vs an equivalent item purchased at Walmart.

And the item is .......

Cotton Balls :)

I purchased Dollar Tree Cotton Balls and White Cloud Jumbo Sized Cotton Balls.
Now by looking at the picture, can you tell me which is which?  Which cotton ball is the Dollar Tree Brand and which one is the White Cloud brand?  Any guesses??

I asked my family and they thought the cotton ball on the left was the White Cloud Jumbo Size cotton ball and the one on the right was the Dollar Tree Brand.  And they were.....


The cotton ball on the left is actually the Assured Brand from the Dollar Tree
 The cotton ball on the right is the White Cloud Jumbo Size brand from Walmart
My hubby couldn't figure out why I have been walking around the house playing with cotton balls:)

My thoughts on these 2 brands of cotton balls:

The Assured Brand seems to be thicker.  I use it to apply toner to my face and for fingernail polish remover.  This cotton ball works great for these applications.

The White Cloud brand seems to be thinner and pulls apart quite easily.  When I use this cotton ball, the liquid soaks into the cotton ball and runs down my hand :(  I thought I was using too much product.  Now for a school project, like using cotton balls for snow or clouds, this brand would work best.

For a price point of view:
Assured Brand- 100 cotton balls for $1= $0.01 per cotton ball
White Cloud brand- 200 cotton balls for $1.88= 0.0094 per cotton ball

It all depends of what you are using these products for that will determine which one would be best for you.  If it is about saving money, then the White Cloud brand would be your best deal for the amount of cotton ball you get.

Go ahead and try them out and let me know which ones you prefer better.

Tune in next Wednesday to see my next Dollar Tree find :)

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