Wednesday, October 7, 2015

September 2015 Goals Update

How did we do with our September goals?  Let's see:

1) To not eat out or at least to not pay out of pocket, with the exception of tips. If we want to treat the family to a meal out, we will make sure we have a gift card to cover all of us.
Did fabulous with this goal.  

2) Pay off our last credit card
Still chipping away at this.  We are very thankful that we were able to make a nice big dent in this credit card balance :)

3) Not to use any of our credit cards for 2015. To pay cash for everything.
Doing great with this :)

4) To maintain our grocery budget. Our current grocery budget is $400 month for our family of 6. Our goal is to use up to that amount to feed our family healthy nourishing meals.  If we are lucky enough to come under our monthly budget, we will save that amount.
We did ok.  We did go over on our grocery budget but thanks to having left over grocery budget money from previous months helped cover our overage :)

5) To create a monthly meal plan for our family, to use leftovers more efficiently and to make use of everything in our pantry and freezer.
Doing fabulous with this.

6) Lose weight- My goal is to lose 10lbs this year.
I have been working out at home with dvd's from the library 5 days a week for the last 2 weeks of September.  Even though the scale is not moving, I am noticing that my clothes are fitting differently :)  I am going to keep going with the dvd's and see what happens by the end of October :)

7) Complete the Couch to 5K with hubby
Did not complete any of the Couch to 5K program :(

8) Morning devotions, prayer time and more bible reading
Doing great with our church's website, which will read the bible verses to you :) 

9) Monthly date night with hubby- whether we go out or stay at home, pop popcorn and rent a movie
We did not have a date night this month :( 

10) To spend quality family time together. With everyones schedule and us running all over creation, I would love to spend more quality time together- no tv- us playing games, talking, enjoying each others company.  I think we are going to claim Saturday's as family fun day:)
In September, we went to the Shell Factory's Nature Park, went to Englewood Beach and went to Lakes Regional Park.  Pictures from the beach and the park are coming soon :)

11) Not to use our dryer to save on electricity and lower our electricity bill
I know I mentioned that I love the Florida weather.  Well, in the winter I love it.  In the super hot summer, not so much :)  Our electric has risen quite a bit with the rising heat :(  But we are still not using the dryer :)

12) To do 1 project a month and blog about it
We did not do a monthly project for September :(

13) My older boys want to run a 5K~ a color run to be more specific.  So, I am jumping on board with them, after I finish my Couch to 5K program :)
Still waiting to hear the color run date.  Which is great since my running days have kind of fizzled out :(

14) To make and use more non toxic cleaners
I am still researching and working on this one :)

How did you do with your September goals? 

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