Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Our Shopping Day~ 10/12/2015

With our busy weekend and Christopher's crazy work schedule, we weren't sure when we would have a chance to get to the grocery store.  We finally got a chance after school yesterday to make a quick trip before having to come home and make dinner.  Good thing I only had 3 stores to go to :)

Here are our shopping trip details:

Save A Lot
$3.29- Green Apples
$3.99- Red Apples
$2.00- Bread
$1.98- Hamburger buns
$0.98- Hot Dog buns
$12.25- Total

Sam's Club
$7.72- Eggs
$1.48- Bananas
$1.98- Coleslaw
$2.49- Milk
$3.28- Ketchup
$16.95- Total

$2.98- Almond Milk
$0.98- Hot Dogs
$2.32- Lunchmeat
$3.22- Veggie Burgers
$1.96- Frozen Veggies
$0.98- Mustard
$1.98- Grape Jam
$1.32- Hot Sauce
$1.00- Croutons
$1.00- WW Spaghetti
$3.27- Potatoes
$21.01- Total

Fruit & Veggie Box- $28.00 and contained apple bananas, apple pears, onions, peppers, kiwis, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, zuchinni, Romaine lettuce, avocados and a watermelon :)

This shopping trip has been added to our October Monthly Spending post, where I keep track of what we spend for the month of October.

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