Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Our Shopping Day~ 06/17/2017

We arrived home from our latest adventure to an empty refrigerator.  We knew that we needed to make a trip to the store.  We needed mostly fruit, bread, veggies, eggs and cat litter.  That made for an easy and quick shopping trip :)

Here is our shopping trip details:

$2.19- Creamer
$3.98- Almond Milk X2
$1.38- Eggs X2
$1.96- Butter
$6.90- Yogurt X10
$2.63- Bananas
$1.49- Ketchup
$0.98- Baking Soda X2
$3.19- Ham lunchmeat
$2.79- Potatoes
$1.49- Zucchini
$3.56- Grapes X2
$2.29- Watermelon
$2.38- Italian Seasoning X2
$1.69- Tomatoes
$1.39- Green Peppers
$2.58- Strawberries X2
$6.26- Chips X4
$2.69- Blueberries
$3.18- Cherry Tomatoes X2
$3.49- Granny Smith Apples
$1.78- Red Apples
$2.55- Bread X3
$2.98- 12 Grain bread X2
$1.29- Mushrooms
$1.59- Bagels
$3.99- Cat Litter
$72.95- Total $68.68 Grocery Total and $4.27 Pet Total

$6.34- Cat Litter

This trip will be included in our June Monthly Spending Post.  Our June Monthly Spending Post will be where we document all we spend over the course of the month.

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