Thursday, June 29, 2017

Our June Family Adventure

After we got back from visiting with Kevin in New Mexico (what a trip that was), we had 2 weeks to get everything together for another fun family adventure.

Hubby had a work conference in Duck Key, Fl.  He asked if we wanted to go.  I asked the boys if they wanted to go back to the Keys.  They immediately said YES!!!!

We packed and off we went on our 5 hour car ride :(

Thankfully, Netflix has a cool feature where you can download movies and shows to your device and watch them offline :) 

We get to the resort in Duck Key, Fl and were greeted by:

 A giant fish tank- so cool :)

The boys were really great for the long car ride and just wanted to get our room, change and get in the pool :)  I must admit, the pool did sound so refreshing.

We ate dinner and off to the pool we went:

There were 5 pools- oh my :)  This one was closest to our room and was the popular pool.  We had a great time and were able to see this gorgeous sunset :)

The next day, we went to breakfast.  It was super overpriced.  $25 per adult and $12 per kid buffet.  I didn't want the buffet, all I wanted was oatmeal.  They made me a wonderful banana oatmeal that was $14- YIKES :(  After breakfast, we hopped in the car and went to the nearest grocery store and purchased breakfast and lunch for the remainder of our stay :)

Hubby had his meeting that afternoon.  The boys and I spent the day in the pool having a blast while daddy was working :) 

The following day, I was so sunburnt :(  I didn't want to go in the pool and found out that the resort had a scavenger hunt.  So, while daddy worked, we went on a very hard scavenger hunt.  It took us all day to complete but so glad we did.  The prize was ice cream :)

The scavenger hunt took us all over the resort, I got some great pictures:
I was so excited- they had 5 dolphins.  I could have sat all day watching them :)

The boys not so excited about the dolphins

View from the resort

Love the lovely red flowers on this tree

These banyan trees are all over the place

The Lagoon

The cute Villas that you can rent
The Marina

We took a break from the scavenger hunt for a nice game of mini golf :)
Look who came to watch our game :)
We had such a great time.  The resort was nice and the pool was so relaxing :)  I would love to rent a Villa if we decided to come back.  The Villas have a full kitchen.  The only problem with renting a Villa is that the nightly cost is $$$$ :(  I think we will stick with tagging along on hubby's work trips :)

I can't wait to see where you next family adventure takes us :)

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