Thursday, June 22, 2017

Our May Family Adventure

The boys didn't have a clue of where we were going.  They asked for a clue.  The clue they were given was this: We have to drive 4 hours to the airport, get on a plane, land in 1 state, get a rental car and drive to a different state.  This kept them stumped for quite some time.

We got to the airport and they had a blast trying to figure out where we were going by looking at the signs at the gates :)

When we stopped at our gate, they figured out part of the clue.  We would be landing in El Paso, TX.  But we didn't know anybody in Texas, so they still tried to figure out why in the world we would be flying to Texas.

We landed in El Paso and were greeted by:
Our son and his girlfriend :)

The boys were super excited to see their brother.  Little Michael had mentioned a few times how much he missed Kevin and wished we could go see him.  What an amazing surprise :)

We had a wonderful time visiting, exploring New Mexico and getting to know Kevin's girlfriend :)  She is such a lovely young lady.  I enjoyed spending the week with them and going shopping :)  They are so cute together :)

I took a lot of pictures and have narrowed them down to our favorites.  Which is still a lot of pictures :)
Here is our home away from home- a cute cabin in the woods :)

View from a lookout

Driving down the mountain

Osha Trail

View from the top of the Osha Trail

View from the top of the Osha Trail from a different lookout

Same trail different lookout

Cocoon :)  These were all over all the trails we went on.

Trestle Trail

Lookout from the Trestle trail

Love this view from the Tunnel lookout

View from a lookout

Side of the mountain.

White Sands National Park

I love waterfalls so we HAD to go on the Bridal Veil Falls trail

Car on our way to the falls

Storm is coming

While at white sands, we had to climb up a HUGE sand dune

We had so much fun exploring New Mexico, Holloman Air Force Base and visiting with Kevin and Jeanette.  I am so glad that they were able to stay with us at the cabin. 

I can't wait until we visit with them again :)  If everything goes the way we planned, we will be going on another adventure with them in 7 months :)

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