Thursday, June 8, 2017

2017 Goals 6 Month Update

I can't believe it is June already.  Half the year is already over.  So much has happened and we still have so much planned.  Busy, Busy, Busy :)

I thought it would be neat to see where we are in our 6 month goal update.

Our 2017 goals are:

1) To get out of credit card debt- we are currently sitting at $9,919.34
We are still climbing this mountain.  We are doing great with this but we had a few setbacks.  Nathan and I got new glasses that added over $750 to our debt :(  But I am happy at the progress we have made so far.  Our new debt total is: $8773.39

2) To finally lose this extra "baby" weight- this has been a goal for a few years but some how the scale went in the opposite direction and instead of needing to lose 10-15 pounds that number has crept up to 35 pounds :(
Still working hard on this and trying to work out a new plan.

3) For Nathan and myself to get new glasses.  I desperately need new glasses, we have figured out that super glue is not all that super or permanent :(
YAY :)  We finally got new glasses.  I had been putting it off now for a while.  The final straw is when the other side of my glasses decided to break.  Many thanks to a mini basketball that bounced off the basketball hoop and straight into the side of my face, leading to the breakage of the other side of my glasses :( 

4) To get a new to us vehicle.  I LOVE the fact that our vehicle is paid off and do not look forward to having a vehicle payment but our poor poor van is on its last breath :(  We keep having to take it in to the mechanic and right now are paying $500 a month just to pay off the repair bills :(
We were hoping to pay off our credit card debt before making such a large purchase.  But it couldn't wait.  We sold our old broken down van and purchased a new to us 2015 Chevy Equinox with awesome low mileage.  We hope to have this vehicle for a very long time :)

I was hoping we would be further along with our debt and weight loss journey but things came up and things don't go the way we planned.  I do have faith that we will conquer these battles :) 2 out of 4 isn't bad LOL :)

How are you doing with your 2017 goals?

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