Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Come Along with Me.........

As I share 4 things our family did to save money over the weekend.

I have recently discovered Budget Girl on YouTube.  She is so inspiring and has recently paid off a giant student loan debt.  Way to go :)

Hubby and I have decided that we are ready to get super serious about our credit card debt.  We have 1 credit card that is huge :(  We consolidated 3 of our Citi Credit Cards into 1. We were hoping that it would make repayment easier.  We have been paying it for several years and have paid down quite a bit.  But it still sits at $7069.31 :(  I am so tired of paying this bill and want it to be gone ASAP. 

We have declared July a No Spend Month.

Instead of waiting until July, we decided to start our no spend NOW.

We started our No Spend Adventure off wonderfully :)

On Saturday, we spent several hours at the library taking a super cool origami class.  It is a big hit and it was FREE :)  The boys had such a great time folding paper and turning it into really cool creations.

When we came home, I went through the boys clothes and got a nice full tub to take to Once Upon A Child the next day.

On Sunday, we went to church and then headed off to Once Upon A Child to sell our boys clothes.  The process was super easy and it took a lot less time than I had thought it would take.  Unfortunately, they didn't take all the clothes but it was enough to pay for 3 pair of shorts for Michael- YAY :)

We ended up packing a lunch and ate in the van while Once Upon A Time was doing their thing.  After finishing with them, we headed over to Toys R Us for their Pre 4th of July Event.

They had Hula Hoops, Remote Control Cars, played Hot Potato, had 2 giveaways and Karaoke.  If you participated with the Hula Hoops you got a Toys R Us wrist band.  If you played Hot Potato you got a beach ball :)

At 2pm, they did the giveaway drawings.  The first number was called and it wasn't us.  The second drawing, Nathan won.  It took a few seconds to register that they called his name.  It was awesome.  Normally, we don't win anything.  They took a picture and put it on their Instagram page

After all that fun, we ran into Walmart and CVS real quick on our way home.

All in all, I think we had a great start to our No Spend Adventure.  Can't wait to see how we save money next week :)

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