Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Homemade Creamer Recipe Take 2

Do you remember my original homemade creamer project?  It didn't go as I had hoped.  I decided to give it another go around :)

I didn't want to waste the creamer I had already made and hoped to salvage it.  I had this bright idea to add the creamer along with a few dates for sweetness to my food processor to see if I could thicken it up.

How did it go, you might ask?  :)
Oh boy :(  Not so well.  I made a huge mess.  Well, that was a fail.  I put it in my blender to see if I could salvage the little I had left.
I let it blend for about 5 minutes and it thickened up quite nicely :)
Straining any bits of non processed dates.  I don't think chunky creamer would be too appetizing :)
Mmmm- nice thick creamy creamer :)
It was almost like whipped cream in my coffee- Mmmmm.  I just wish it was a little sweeter.

Now after all of that, I am not sure I will be making it again.  At least not in my food processor- lesson learned :)

After adding all the costs, this homemade coffee creamer costs exactly the same as my almond creamer from the store :(  If I can get the sweetness just right, this creamer would be heavenly.  I may be doing more experimentation with this recipe in the future but for the time being I will be keeping my almond coffee creamer from the store.

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