Thursday, December 17, 2015

Saturday Family Fun Adventure

I had run out of Saturday Family Fun Advenuture ideas and asked the boys where they would like to go.  They both said that they would love to go back to the Imaginarium.  So, off to the Imaginarium we went.

I am really glad we went.  We ended up seeing the animal show we missed last time :)

Here are some pictures of our adventure:

NO Thank You~ This lady had a lot of courage to get this one out of the tank and holding it :(

Cuddling with the snake :)
Having so much fun :)

The younger boys had a lot of fun even though the activities were the same when we were there last time :(  But this time, we did get to see the animal show.  The boys were excited to see that Minecraft was considered an educational activity :)

I can't what to see where our next Family Fun Adventure takes us :)

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