Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Our Shopping Trip~ 12/13/2015

Saturday was just too gorgeous not to spend outdoors.  Grocery shopping would just have to wait until the next day and it was so worth it :)  Kevin and I ventured out and even treated ourselves to Starbucks thanks to a gift card- Mmmm.

Here are our shopping trip details:

$2.99- Garnier Conditioner
$1.88- Soft soap hand soap
$0.89- Total Home dish liquid
-1.98 ECB
-1.50 ECB
-0.99 ECB
-0.79 ECB
$0.85- Total with tax and got $2.89 back in ECB's

Save A Lot
$2.00- Bread

Dollar Tree
$1.00- Steel Wool pads
$1.00- SOS pads
$2.12- Total with tax

$1.98- Creamer
$1.98- Applesauce
$0.97- Spic & Span cleaner
$4.99- Total with tax

$7.99- Spicy Tuna sushi
$6.99- California Roll sushi
$15.88- Total with tax

Sam's Club
$4.98- Milk
$6.98- Grapes
$10.98- Chicken
$10.78- Coffee
$3.68- Ketchup
$37.40- Total

Farmer Market- $4.00 for cucumbers and yellow cherry tomatoes

This shopping trip has been added to our December Monthly Spending post, where I keep track of what we spend for the month of December.

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