Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 2016 Monthly Grocery Budget

Here is where I will keep a list of our spending for the month of November.  We did awesome last month and only spent $212.85 :)  This month we taking out $200.  Let's see how we do this month :)

$4.24- Dollar Tree
$10.36- Walmart
$20.13- Sam's Club
$87.25- Aldi

$2.39- Sam's
$1.94- Walmart

$4.32- Sam's
$5.00- Walmart
$9.01- Publix
$37.86 Aldi

$7.31- Walmart
$24.28- Sam's Club

$7.57- Walmart
$17.27- Sam's Club

$238.93- Running Total

$0.00- Left to spend for the month 

We ended up going over our grocery budget.  I underestimated our fruit needs and ended up running out of fruit.  I couldn't get to Aldi's so we decided to up our budget.  I about cried when I saw strawberries were $9 and $6 for grapes~ oh my :(  But over going over by less than $40 for a 5 week month is not that bad.

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