Thursday, November 17, 2016

No Spendvember Week 2 Update

How is everyone doing on your No Spendvember Week 2?

So far the van has been behaving- YAY!!  We did however have to rush one of our cats to the vets.  He is doing much better now. Thankfully, he is my dad's cat.  We are taking care of him and my dad takes care of he bills for him.  Which is a huge blessing for us and our finances :)

We have been blessed with a full schedule this month filled with free activities :)  With so much going on, it distracts us from really thinking about spending money and other activities.  Plus, we have made a list of things we want to get done around the house.

Here is what we did over the weekend for week 2:

-Headed over to Toys R Us for the Nexo Knight Make & Take
-Went over to the children's museum for a Family Science Lab event that was paid for last month
-Played at the children's museum
-went to the library and picked out books for upcoming week
-came home and took the boys for a bike ride/walk before dinner

-went to church
-went to the store
-went outside- the boys rode their bikes and daddy and I walked
-came inside and played card games and puzzles
-had a nice long chat with Kevin
-Nathan had to tell Kevin what Nexo Knights where all about :)
-worked on lesson plans for school week

We had a nice lazy Sunday, after the store, which was perfect with the not so fun filled week with a sick cat.

Let's see how Week 3 goes.  I am praying for no sick cats and no van issues :)

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