Thursday, November 10, 2016

No Spendvember Week 1 Update

How is your No Spend November coming along?

Everyone here knows that when I plan something out completely, things normally go haywire and cause us to change or modify our plans.

This weekend was no exception.  My calendar was all planned out.  I wanted to take the boys to a park and look at mangroves.  Have a picnic lunch at the park and then head out to Toys R Us for their Holiday Toy Fest on Saturday.  Then on Sunday, I wanted to get some things in the boys room done.

Everything was right on schedule until I went out to early vote on Friday.  I made it half way down our street when the van made a noise I have never heard before.  Scared I was going to get stuck somewhere, I immediately turned around and called hubby.  He came home and we headed out to the mechanic.

Now I am not sure if my van was protesting our No Spendvember or it was making sure we didn't spend any other money except on it by making us stay at home.

Even though we didn't get to do what we had planned, we got a lot of things done here.

We were able to:
-go through the boys clothes that they have outgrown
-packed up Nathan's clothes to pass down to Michael
-packed up Michael's clothes to either go to Once Upon A Child or to the church thrift store
-go through all the games in their closet
-put games back in closet
-pull all the toys out of their room
-had boys go through toys and see what they wanted to keep and what they wanted to donate
-put things they kept back in their room

We also put together many puzzles and played games.  I wanted to clean their carpets but didn't get a chance to. I am thankful that we were all together.

It now looks like our No Spendvember is going towards paying our van bill instead of towards our credit cards debt.

Let's see how week 2 goes  :)

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