Thursday, May 26, 2016

Saturday Family Fun Adventure

Our Saturday Family Fun Adventure took us back to the Children's Museum of Naples also known as CMON :)

There was still so much to do and see from our last visit.  The exhibit room had changed to the Blue Exhibit from the Space Exhibit and the museum was having special Earth Day festivities.  The boys couldn't wait to go :)
The Blue Exhibit
An Igloo
What is better than an Igloo?  A real ice wall- so cold and so neat :)
You can go inside this shell and learn all about underwater animals
The Library- so nice and quiet :)
A tree that the kids can climb inside and leads to a neat tree house
Looking for the QR code for the QR Scavenger Hunt
Still looking for the QR code.  Nathan brought in help for this code
This young man was so nice and so helpful.  We learned so many things about this new Fire Truck :)
We all had so much fun.  The boys with much needed help finished the QR code Scavenger Hunt and went to collect their prize only to be told that you can't complete the QR code hunt on your own phone~ Oops.  You have to check out one of their IPads.  Oh well.  We know for next time and since there are 3 different hunts, there is plenty still left to explore :)

I can't wait to see where our next Family Fun Adventure takes us :)

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