Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our Saturday Family Fun Adventures

It just hit me that I am so behind on my Saturday Family Fun posts- Oops :(

For this Saturday Family Fun Adventure, we knew we wanted to take the boys to do something super fun and special since hubby was getting ready to spend a week with his family back home in Virginia for a funeral.  We took the boys to a water park in Naples called Sun-N-Fun Lagoon.  Since the lazy river was closed, we got a nice discount off admission- sweet :)
Michael and daddy having a blast :)
Having fun in the pool :)
Family Falls
Shooting people with water
Turtle Cove Lilly Pad cross
The slides
Other than staying longer than we expecting, having such a great time that we forgot to reapply sunscreen and getting a super nasty sunburn, we all had a great time.  I wish it was closer.  They have different pool areas for different ages.  The boys almost talked me into a season pass but hubby reminded me how far the drive is, how we have the beach super close to us and can go to the water any time we want :)

I can't wait to see where our next Saturday Family Fun Adventure takes us :)

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