Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Our Shopping Day~ 08/20/2016

Chris had to be at work bright and early at 5am.  We decided to make the most of our shopping day before we had to go and pick him up.  We headed out to Aldi's for our 2 week grocery shopping :)  I must say I love shopping at Aldi's and cannot wait for them to come to our area :)

Here are our shopping details:

$3.85- 2 pounds of strawberries

Sam's Club
$2.34- Milk

$6.87- Almond Milk X3
$3.98- Romaine Hearts X2
$2.19- Creamer
$1.78- Eggs X2
$1.99- Hummus
$5.26- Whole Chicken
$5.29- Whole Chicken
$3.48- Yogurt X12
$3.98- Blueberries X2
$5.98- Lunchmeat X2
$2.19- Pepperoni
$5.40- Bananas- 18.6 lbs
$1.98- Marinades
$2.39- Oats
$1.98- Carrots
$2.79- Lemons
$1.78- Red Grapes
$1.69- Pickles
$2.69- Potatoes
$1.78- Green Grapes
$3.99- Green Apples
$3.18- Bagels X2
$4.25- Bread X5
$3.58- Jalapeno Chips for hubby lunch
$0.99- Bath Tissue
$0.59- Bath Tissue
$82.16- Total

This shopping trip has been added to our August Monthly Spending post, where I keep track of what we spend for the month of August.

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