Thursday, August 11, 2016

Family Fun Adventures

Our family was able to take 1 last adventure before Kevin started his Air Force Adventure.  We decided camping would be a wonderful family fun adventure :)  None of the boys had ever been camping before.

We almost didn't go.  The campground we wanted to go to was closed due to renovations :(  Several of the campgrounds near us were closed for renovations.  We finally located a campground but it was a couple of hours north of us.  We decided what the heck.  This was our last family fun adventure as a whole family~ why not.  We went to book our adventure and all of the family camping was booked :(  The only camp spots they had left were primitive camping. Huh??  No bathroom, no electricity and no running water near by.  Oh boy.  It's only for the weekend, right?  Let's see how this turns out :)
Our camping spot
Our tents that are connected by a tunnel- isn't it cute :)
When we arrived at the camp spot, we were told that the bathhouse was a several mile walk and that primitive camping did have a solar outhouse.  I have never heard of a solar outhouse.  It turned out to the one of the nicest outhouses I have ever been in.  It was so clean and smelled nice :)  We were totally shocked :)

We settled in and cooked our dinner.  It was tasty.  Something about the taste of cooking on an open fire- Mmmmm.  And of course, after dinner~ Smore Time :)

The next morning we went hiking.  We only thought we would do a couple of trails.  We were so impressed and wowed by the trails, we did them all.  So beautiful and so serene.  And came across this little fellow above who just wanted to sun bathe.  Luckily, he was very far away :)

We went to the museum at the state park and learned about the history of this state park as well as other parks around.  The curator told us of a gentleman who whittles out in the open field in front of the museum.  I am not sure if these are his work, but they are amazing.
Deep in thought :)
The boys had fun being boys and climbing trees :)  The above picture was the sunset on our last night.

I am so glad we took the chance to make such wonderful memories as a family.  And to think, we almost passed up on such an amazing opportunity.  We are so thankful, we took a chance.  Primitive camping ended up being a wonderful thing for our family.  We went over to the family camping area and they are so close together with no privacy.  Our campsite was surrounded by trees, they call it a vegetation buffer and we were quite a ways from our neighbor- loved it :)  We look forward to camping again as soon as the weather cools down :)

I can't wait to see where our next family adventure takes us :)

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