Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our Shopping Trip~ 07/16/2016

Thankfully I am feeling a lot better and was able to do a quick grocery shop.  Since we will be leaving for TX next week, this will be our last grocery shop for this month.  We ended up picking up some extra food and snacks for our trip :)

Here are our shopping details:

$1.58- Eggs

Dollar Tree
$1.00- Baby Wash
$1.00- Baby Shampoo
$2.12- Total

$1.78- Grape Jam
$2.86- Trash bags
$4.81- Total

$1.70- Bread
$1.89- Veggie Straws
$3.58- Jalapeno Chips
$2.79- Lemons
$1.39- Pea Crisps
$3.18- Strawberries
$2.38- Broccoli
$2.49- Roast Beef lunchmeat
$2.19- Corn Dogs
$3.18- Garlic Bread
$2.19- Creamer
$0.99- Butter
$8.99- Burgers
$2.29- Almond Milk
$2.29- Milk
$1.99- Romaine Hearts
$1.99- Strawberry Toaster Tarts
$1.99- Brown Sugar Toaster Tarts
$2.55- Bananas
$1.99- Dark Chocolate PB Protein Bars
$1.59- Bagels
$3.98- Flour Tortillas
$2.99- Black Grapes
$2.99- Red Grapes
$3.38- Almond Milk
$3.78- Salsa
$1.78- Gelatin Cups
$5.58- Mini Muffins
$6.80- Tuna
$1.99- Water
$86.89- Total

This shopping trip has been added to our July Monthly Spending post, where I keep track of what we spend for the month of July.  How did we do?  Did we stay with in our budget or did we go over?  Hop on over and see :)

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