Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Family Fun Saturday Adventure

I was looking at the pictures on my phone and I discovered some cool pictures of the last time we went to CMON~ The Children's Museum of Naples, which was way back in May :(

Since we have a yearly pass, we try to visit the Children's Museum at least once a month.  We have been so busy in June and July that we haven't been back since May :(

I don't want to bore you with the same pictures of the same museum that we try to visit on a monthly basis.  In my first CMON post, I mentioned these really cool Keva Planks.  They are so neat.  Usually what happens when we go to CMON, Nathan like to visit the upstairs older children, no parents allowed section, while little Michael likes to play downstairs with all the exhibits.  One of us waits for Nathan while the other accompanies little Michael on his journey downstairs.

This visit, I stayed upstairs waiting on Nathan.  I walked around and looked at the summer camp info.  I wondered around and looked at the neat artifacts that they have.  And then I decided to play around with the Keva planks.  I decided to see how tall I could stack them.  I started stacking and noticed people walking by and watching me to see how high I could get them to go.  Evidently, stacking Keva planks is quite the attraction :)

Well, I got as tall as my 5 foot 2 self could reach:
I then called my hubby to see if he could come upstairs and see how high he could go, since he is over 6 feet tall :)   By this time, we had people coming over and telling us that we were doing an awesome job and were taking pictures :)  Hubby got as far as he could reach:
Even little Michael decided to build his own creation:
After we could go no higher and were still waiting on Nathan, we decided to get creative and made this:
I think it is really neat and cool looking.  I love these blocks :)  Nathan got done, saw our creations and thought they were the coolest things ever :)  We went downstairs and enjoyed our time.  Before we left, we ventured upstairs just to see if our creation was still standing.  Sadly, it was not.  It had gotten knocked over :(  Oh well, I am going to have to think about our next creation to build when we go back :)  If you have a chance you should visit the Keva Planks website and look at all the creations that can be made :)  You really need to watch the Keva World Record Tower- so cool :)

I can't wait to see where our next Family Fun Saturday Adventure takes us :)

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