Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 2016 Monthly Spending

Here is where I will keep a list of our spending for the month of April.  This month is going to be just like last month as far as how we budgeted our spending.  We are still budgeting $400 for this month.  We are very blessed hubby got more in commission than expected.  We decided to use $100 just for Farmer Market and Co Op purchases.  We did ok last month but went over by $9.  Thankfully, we have some money leftover from previous months to cover our overage :)  I can't wait to see how we do this month :)

$1.50- Big Lots
$4.24- Dollar Tree
$20.89- Save A Lot
$31.20- Walmart
$55.61- Sam's Club

$3.00- Big Lots
$9.97- Sam's Club
$12.39- Winn Dixie
$12.96- Save A Lot
$16.14- Publix
$28.53- Walmart

$2.00- Save A Lot
$4.24- Dollar Tree
$4.58- Sam's Club
$16.06- Ada's Natural Market
$36.91- Walmart

$3.18- Dollar Tree
$4.58- Sam's Club
$7.96- Save A Lot
$15.29- Walmart

$291.23- Running Total

$108.77- Left to Spend

$101 out of $100 for Farmer Market & Co Op Purchases 

I am super surprised that even though we went over by $1 on our Farmer Market and Co Op Purchases, we came in wayyyyy under and still have over $100 left in our grocery budget~ WOOHOO :)

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